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 What About Church?

I encourage believers to be connected with a local church. In most communities of significant size there must be at least one good church. Actually, there are probably many churches where a Christian ought to be able to be a blessing. We should be primarily considering what we can contribute to the church, not how the church should be meeting our needs. A mature believer ought to be feeding the church instead of expecting the church to feed him.

I pastored a small church for fifteen years in central Ohio. I constantly taught holiness, yet there was still sin in the camp. The church atBro Jed at church Corinth had serious problems, including sexual immorality and perversion. Yet Paul did not instruct believers to leave the church. Nor did he did tell men to express their Christianity independently of the church.

Most weekends while we are on the road we are ministering in a church. These churches support our ministry. A significant percentage of the individuals who help our mission financially and regularly pray for our ministry, I have met through the local church. I suppose most fully committed Christians were saved in a church setting. I have met pew warmers in the churches, whom I challenged to take the gospel out where the people are. Sometimes church folks join us on campus and effectively work the sidelines.

If all the churches in America were shut down, it would be a great loss to the advancement of Christ's Kingdom. The landscape of our country is dotted with churches and the skylines of our cities are marked with high steeples, these are reminders of the gospel message. When I am attending a church as a listener, I am usually encouraged by something I hear from the pulpit or in a Sunday School lesson.

Bro Jed at churchIt is easy to be a critic but not so easy to participate and work to improve the church and labor to eradicate sin and encourage holiness. If open-air preachers expect to get any support from the churches, we cannot utterly denounce everything they are doing. After all there are problems and sins within the open-air preaching community, that are overlooked for the sake of unity, friendship and taking the gospel to the streets.

Churches are social. After the family, this is where the Christian primarily expresses himself socially. In my experience preachers who do not connect with a church are in danger of falling into fanaticism. Thus losing an opportunity to be an influence inside an well as outside. Church experience can help the believer mature in the faith. Jesus did not come just to save individuals but he came to build and establish a church.

No doubt pornography, immodesty, masturbation and adultery are major problems within the church. These issues need to be addressed from the pulpit. Sadly, they are often unaddressed. Paul worked with churches he established in his apostolic office to clean things up. I don't know that he was all that successful, but still he did not forsake the established church. Often times pastors are working personally behind the scene with congregants counseling them to repent. The church critic may not be aware of the pastor’s private counseling. Pastors I know work hard, often holding down secular work, and taking little income from the church. They lead sacrificial lives; they should be respected. Of course, there are also wolves in the clothing of sheep.

If a critic cannot find a church in which he can work, he can always start one. If he does, very likely, his church will soon have the same issues that he is now criticizing.

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