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Thank you for your interest in CMUSA! Bro. Jed and Company are sharing the Gospel on a college campus every school day from the middle of August through the first week of June. Our travel expenses are covered by the generous donations of people like you who believe in our mission. You are a vital part of the work! Thank you for joining the team.

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Partners in Christ

Dear Friends,

We are not “lone rangers” in this campus mission.  We are evangelists who realize the importance of all the members of the bodyBro. Jed, Mikhail Sovenko and Ruben Israel of Christ working together as we deliver the Word of Reconciliation to a lost generation.  We have succeeded in four decades of ministry, not alone with God, but with the help of the saints: laymen, pastors, campus ministers, our converts and YOU!  Below are a sampling of our partners.  We asked these longtime co-laborers to write a word of recommendation for this fundraiser letter.  Maybe you can use it to help us promote the calling of CMUSA among your fellow Christians.  Let us renew our love for souls!  Bro. Jed


   Of course there are many worthy ministries and/or organizations that one may choose to support. However, you will not find a ministry staffed by a more dedicated, faithful, skillful, anointed, God-fearing, holy group of people than those who operate The Campus Ministry USA (CMUSA).
If you are looking to support a ‘Kum-Ba-Ya’ ministry, you would be best advised to look somewhere else. For more than four decades CMUSA has descended upon our nation’s college campuses to confront students face-to-face in an exchange of ideas centered foremost on Christian moral principles as they exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.
Bro. Raymond and Sis. Sheilia D.One may ask, Why college campuses? The typical college campus today is a bastion of liberal, unruly and all too immoral students and professors. What better place to address the moral, social and economic issues facing our nation today from a Christian world view than the breeding grounds of our future educators, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and even clergy, etc.
If you would like to support a ministry that has proven to have had a most profound impact on the hearts and minds of our youth, then you have come to the right place. To God be the glory.

Raymond D. Atlanta Georgia



   I believe that Brother Jed’s ministry is one of the most important of our time. Not only does he make the coming generation of world and national leaders aware of the Gospel message, he inspires many others to follow in his steps. Pastor Dean and ShirleyOnly eternity will demonstrate the fruit which come from the lives of Jed and his family.

Pastor Dean Harvey, YWAM Bible teacher 

Our country is failing miserably to teach our young about the true and living God, the truth of the Bible and basic integrity. Garry and I support CMUSA because they have a love for young people and the determination to teach and preach Gods word.

Kathy and Garry D. Michigan 


   I was asked to write 2 sentences about Jed Smock. Truthfully, it would be easier for me to write 200 sentences. Because when I think of all that Jed has meant to me the thoughts and words flow like water.  It's easy to say "God Phil S.loves you". But if you believe that you must be born again to see heaven then "God loves you" is not an adequate message to give to people. Jed Smock practices what I call "tough love". Platitudes will not get you saved. Many people need to be shocked out of their complacent attitudes. Jed provided the jolt of honesty that I needed 35 years ago and he still provides that today. Jed doesn't believe that churches should change their morals based on shifts in public opinion. Jesus founded his church with Peter (the rock), and Jed is a rock in that regard today.

Phillip Seeberg - University of Illinois, class of 1982



   Another year has gone by, and an exciting one it has been.  Jed and I have been best of friends since about 1978, and in all that time we have been agreeing in prayer for just a couple of things: (1) God would raise up an army of preachers, and (2) He would harvest the campuses where the seed has been sown for four decades.

This last year has seen much fruit, increasing fruit.  The preachers are forming like a tidal wave mounting up to wash over the land.  A week doesn't go by that I don't hear of another young man testifying to being moved to preach.  Jed has been discipling several new preachers this past year, and they are coming along, growing like weeds in my garden.

There have been many break throughs, even salvations on the spot.  People have been repenting and praying.  Local churches and campus groups have been working the crowds,  Christians have been convinced of holiness and the Bro Copeconfrontational mandate.
It has been getting better and better over the years.  We are very far along in the vision that we have been laboring towards for more than forty years.  Jed has been the faithful one, never missing a day that he could confront the students in their sins, and hold them up to God's holy standard.

Now more than ever, we must rally around those out there doing the work, and hold their hands up like Moses.  No one has been more productive in laying the foundation for the harvest.  Rocky hearts broken up. bad ideas pulled out by the roots, fallow fields of the hearts plowed, and seeds strewn about.  We are growing close to the harvest.
To that end, I will forge the path for financing.  I am pledging $2000 to start off this years fund drive.  Step up brethren.

Bro Cope, State College, PA 


   I am glad to support Brother Jed and CMUSA. I have known Jed for over ten Mike and Millie Acuffyears from his preaching at Mizzou and he has had a profound effect on my
life. I come from a church background that was founded by open air preaching and I think that the concept of the local church supporting the traveling preacher is very important. Brother Jed is one of the most effective open air preachers that I know.

Dr. Mike Acuff, Missouri




   I am privileged to give into Campus Ministry for several reasons. It’s not just the fact that Bro. Jed and Sister CindyKathy F. have been instrumental in my walk with God and their doctrine is intelligent and biblically sound, but I know of no other American missionaries that plow the field every single college school day for 5+ hours a day plus ministering in churches on weekends. As result of their unrivaled commitment they have preached to thousands if not millions of our future leaders over a 41 year span. I count these laborers worthy of my financial support!

Kathy F., Minnesota



   Mike and Ellie D.Our family has been eternally blessed by Bro Jed and Cindy and their ministry. We have supported their vision for over for over 35 years now. More compassionate and loving ministers of the Gospel would be hard to find.
   Confrontational evangelism is the heartbeat of God and only the most dedicated can prevail against the spirit of antichrist that is coming in these last days. Bro Jed and Cindy have stayed the course and I compel all those that are interested in warning blinded souls from hells fury would support these wonderful God given ministers of truth.

Ella Mae and Michael D., Kentucky


College Students! This is a small sampling of the many Christians who love and care about your souls and want to see you reconciled to your Creator through faith in Christ.

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