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Holy Hubert Lindsey

A Tribute To Holy Hubert Lindsey

The Grandfather of the Campus Preachers

By Bro Jed Smock

During my hippie days in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and Mario Savio rallied holy hubert lindseywith other radicals to conduct massive teach-ins a the University of California at Berkeley. Like cattle going to the slaughter, hundreds gathered on the steps of Sproul Hall and were brainwashed with doctrines of socialism and anti-Americanism. The students were incited to massive demonstrations and rioting. Extensive media coverage of these events had lured me to the scene.

In the midst of this turbulence God had sent one lone, fearless, fiery-tongued evangelist-- Hubert Lindsey-- who answered the call to rise up against the evildoers. This one-man army invaded the radical territory-- often crashing their demonstrations and drawing an even larger crowd to hear him preach. As a result, the lives of many police and students were spared. Governor Ronald Reagan said that Hubert Lindsey had saved the taxpayers of California 10 million dollars in riot control.

"Holy Hubert," as the students dubbed him was regularly kicked, mocked and spat upon as he warned them to turn from their wicked ways and live. When the revolutionaries realized he was a serious hindrance to their movement, they beat him to the point of death over a dozen times. But his love for the lost never failed. He continued this battle on the Berkeley campus for more than eight years. When times were roughest on campus, Governor Reagan would call his staff to prayer for "Holy Hubert" The supplications of Christians in the Bay Area helped him endure until he saw many souls saved. Today some call Holy Hubert the father of the Jesus Movement of that era.

As a hippie I often saw Holy Hubert surrounded by a group of hostile radicals who were making comments and shooting questions with the rapidity of a machine gun. He always had an answer.

One day a long-haired student pushed his way from the outer perimeter of a large crowd and screamed at Holy Hubert, "It takes an idiot to be a Christian. It takes an idiot to be a Christian!"

"You qualify! You qualify!" Holy Hubert responded.

Another student mocked, "Jesus saves! Jesus saves!"

"That's right, hippie, Jesus does save."

"He saves green stamps," shouted the student, and the crowd roared with laughter.

"Hold it little devil. You're right, Jesus does save green stamps and you're the greenest of them all. Bless your dirty heart."

A female Vietnam War protestor asked, "What about biological warfare, Hubert?"

"I want everyone on this campus to know I'm against biological warfare," he answered. "And as for you, young lady, you are an intellectual, spiritual and biological creature. I want you to stop your biological war against your Creator."

Holy Hubert at Berkeley "Holy Hubert's" witty replies had the effect of silencing the hecklers and calming the crowd so God's message could go forth.

I stood on the outskirts listening attentively but did not mock or even ask any questions. The preacher's knowledge of the scriptures and his control of the belligerent crowd were impressive. I never imagined that, after my conversion, five years later I'd be doing the same thing.

"Holy Hubert" became blind-- partly as a result of the beatings he received at Berkeley. He is now in Glory!

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