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Twenty-Six Salvations: Winter Mission 2019

Joy in Heaven!!

As of Feb. 28th twenty-six students had prayed the prayer of repentance for salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ! Below are a few highlights!


Santa Fe College,  Gainesville, FL, Jan 8

   Stephen approached me with questions; soon he was defending me to the students and began to preach also. He continued speaking as Sis. Myrna Brother Jed Baptismsstirred up the audience.

   After I preached again, I was able to have personal conversation with Stephen. He confessed that there were still some sin issues which he was dealing with. He expressed an interest in being baptized. He said he did not know anyone to baptize him. I agreed to do it. I asked Bro. Frank if he thought that pouring water was adequate since there was not a place for immersion. He approved and affirmed that we should “seize the moment.”

   Bro. Frank wanted to buy a fresh bottle of water, since he had drunk out of the one that he had. Stephen interjected and reminded us that the Jordan River was not all that clean. That was a good point. I lead him away from the crowd upon a hilltop on the mall. I gave him instruction concerning baptism and asked him to confess in prayer before God and ask forgiveness. He was specific in naming certain sins. I then emptied the bottle of water over his head. We rejoiced for moments and then Bro. Frank laid hands upon him and prayed that the gifts we have would be passed upon him. This is the first time I remember baptizing anyone on campus.


Florida State University Jan.11-by Bro. Frank

   I arrived at the preaching area of the FSU campus at 8:30 AM. I did a Joshua prayer walk around the park seven times. I saw the water fountain and sprinkled water over the N,S,E and W and the preaching area, asking God that He would send living water to us today.

  At noon I was preaching hard to the crowd at FSU and a student came off the sidewalk to ask me why he deserved hell. He was not your typical student who needed lots of explanation. He believed immediately. He admitted he was a sinner!  I told him that the wages of sin was death but God had a plan to save people like him through the cross of Christ. I explained the need to be born again and have a relationship with God. He agreed to say the sinner’s prayer. It was the quickest witness and salvation that I ever experienced. I asked him if he was willing to turn from everything the Bible calls sin. He said firmly, "YES." I confirmed his belief that Jesus was God in the flesh and that He rose from the dead.

   This was visible to at least 100 students on the walking path. By now my excitement increased in the Holy Ghost and my voice was firm and loud, making it easy for all to hear. Joy filled my heart and I could not contain myself!

  One student stood watching slack-jawed. We said the sinner’s prayer and he thanked me.Bro Frank Baptizes Student

   Then I said hold on, the Bible teaches to be baptized too.

   He said "Okay."

   I told him that all I had was a cold-water bottle and that there were many students watching.

   He said, "I don't care what they think."

   As I poured the water over his head, I baptized him in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I told him to start reading the Bible in the NT and to go to church. He said he would!


Sam Houston St. Univ.  Jan. 24

On the sidelines, Leah approached Bro. Frank saying that she needed a deeper and stronger walk with the Lord. He encouraged her in the faith. Then asked, “Do you want to be baptized?” She affirmed that she did; so Frank called me over. I explained the significance of baptism. I showed her the bottle of water. Then I poured the whole bottle over her head.


Brother Jed Baptism



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