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Six Saved at Fresno State!!

As we ministered at Fresno State University, multiple local Christians testified they had been praying for that campus. One prayer warrior was excited to see the preaching, claiming it was an answer to her prayers! These prayers prepared the ground for six salvations. Joshua Salvation at Fresno State

Brother Joshua prayed for two people to be saved. One was a man who was struggling with a pornography addiction. The boy later decided he was going to immediately trade in his smart phone with an old-fashioned phone so he would not be tempted to watch porn.

Gunnar, who joined us to preach with us for the week, prayed with two people to be saved:

The first one Gunnar led to the Lord wanted to turn in life and live right. He was a church-goer, but was not right with God. This he wanted to change. Issues included porn, girl friend, and alcohol. Clearly God had gotten his heart and he wanted to repent. He needed instruction from Romans 6-8 with much emphasis on the message of victory over sin. His Bible understanding was selective and the message in Romans was new and needed.Gunnar Leads Man to Christ at Fresno State

The second student came up and was so clearly siding with us that Gunnar at first thought he was a true believer.  He was dismayed by the students behavior and love of sin.  Although Jewish, he had spent time in the Roman Catholic church, but it was clear that he did not understand the gospel.  His question turned out to be in so many words:  "What must I do to be saved?" Gunnar had never seen such intensity to be saved, yet without an understanding of the Gospel.  He wanted to know God and could not get enough of hearing us preach.  Yet in all of this he did not see the need for Jesus.  It was necessary to use both Old and New Testament passages to properly answer his question.  He wanted salvation, but was stumbling over Jesus. In the end, he did pray for God to save him through Jesus.

A local believer prayed with a man to be saved. He testified that what got them talking was their mutual frustration with the "hateful preachers." The believer led the conversation to talking about the man's faith, and led the man into a prayer for salvation! Later Sister Kirsten explained our preaching methods to the local believer and he was able to understand that the Holy Spirit was moving and we were motivated out of love. If it had not been for the preaching, he would not have had the opportunity to lead that man to the Lord.

Sister Cindy, Emily Saved at Fresno StateOne girl, name Emily, was heckling Brother Jed for much of the afternoon. She approached Sister Cindy with great emotional distress that she was in tears. She had been heckling the preacher and she knew it was wrong, but she was so angry at God! She had found out that she had a genetic disease that was tormenting her with painful tumors in her brain! Sister Cindy was filled with compassion and cried and hugged Emily to comfort her. Gunnar, firmly yet gently rebuked Emily. "That's nothing but self-pity. We are all dying and no one is promised their next breath, but what God does promise you is eternity! Stop blaming God and repent."

Emily looked at Gunnar and said, "Okay."

The next day she reported that she was no longer bitter at God!


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