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Pagan Surrenders

Feb. 2017 Chelsea writes:Hug an Pagan

   I was always taught about Jesus as a child, growing up in a deeply religious family and going to Catholic schools. I knew of His existence, but could never really feel His presence in my life. Some very hard trials came and I turned from His grace. I spent a few years trying to angrily deny Him and trying to seek other idols for guidance. It wasn't until trying to deal with some mental health issues on my own that I began to search for Him.   

   It was very sudden. I had a breakdown and when the results of which weren't a complete disaster, I just felt it, felt Him. I can’t explain it!

  Bro Jed and Chelsea One Psalm that has greatly helped me ever since is Psalm 27:1-4. I say it repeatedly when I begin struggling with anxiety and depression. With God's help I'm getting better and I'm learning to better keep my trust in Him. To be honest, I feel like your visits with Brother Jed really helped. I got to talk out my frustrations and I think that helped make them more real and tangible.

   Chelsea posted the above testimony on Facebook recently. The first year we met her at Louisiana State University, she was a vocal pagan. The second year she listened more, and Chelsea with hubbyher Senior year, 2015, she declared faith in our Lord. We signed a Bible and gave it to her. It is great to hear that she is in an Assembly of God church with her husband and in-laws.


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