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Experienced the Preaching

Sun, 15 Nov 1998 

Dear Brother Jed 

I have just finished reading through your Web Site and am praising the Lord for such a location on the Internet. I'll never forget a few years ago when you called me on the 'phone and told me that you were coming to Michigan State and wanted me to go out on the campus with you and preach. I almost panicked at the thought! But I went out with you (I had never seen you do this) but stood about 30 feet away, behind a tree, praying for you. 

Gradually I worked my way within about 20 feet of you when you turned suddenly and introduced me to the crowd and ask me to come and preach. Horror city! My legs walked me to the center of the crowd and then the Holy Spirit took over! All fear was gone and the Word of God began to roll out of my mouth and as the Holy Spirit gave the utterances. By the time I had spoken for about an hour and turned it back to you I realized the position and power that God has given to you all of these years! 

This was a ministry that I was completely ignorant of and now I saw exactly what it was the God was doing with you and others like you. I met Holy Hubert back in the 60's when he came on the campus at So. Cal where I was the Head Basketball Coach. He spoke at the chapel but I did not see him in his "environment" in front of unsaved students. So now I knew what it was to have this calling from the Lord that he had given you. Later you took me with you to the University of Michigan (Hell's best kept secret) and finally to work with you at Ohio State. 

Your allowing me to work with you on these three campus' changed my life once again! What a ministry the Lord has given you! You are working right down in the middle of America's youth and the community of leaders of tomorrow! Your message is uncompromising, nothing but the Word of God and heavily anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself! Thank you, thank you, for giving me this tremendous insight to one of the most demanding ministries in the Kingdom of God. 

In Christ, Bob Reid,
President of Faith Tech Ministries/International Bible Schools. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ) 

Salvation at EKU

 Thu, 19 Nov 1998 

Bro Jed, 

I have been fortunate enough to be present on many occasions when you have spoken at Eastern Kentucky University. I was converted by your preaching about four years ago. When I first heard your preaching I was a sophomore with a GPA of about (1.8). I drank to EXCESS!!! Frequently! (every other day). I was overweight, easily angered, and generally not a nice person. 

Today; I have a BS in chemistry, I'm married to a Godly woman who gave me a beautiful daughter ( the only child SO FAR), I am two semesters away from publishing my research and obtaining a M.S. in Chemistry, I am gainfully employed as a chemist and have great opportunity for advancement, and I am much less overweight. 

I have found that living for Christ not only provides eternal life at the resurrection, but also leads me to make good decisions that provide a peaceful life in this dispensation. I really never have had a chance to get to know you. I have read your books Who Will Rise Up? Grieve Not The Spirit, and Walking in the Spirit. 




Much Needed Message


 Tue, 24 Nov 1998  

Bro. Jed, 

Greetings in Christ. It has been some time since I visited your web site. Things have truly changed, but in reading some of the comments on your web page I see that the hearts of men aren't generally one of them. 

It is most unfortunate that there are so many who fail to recognize the importance of addressing sin for what it is instead of trying to feed people spiritual placebos to make them feel comfortable with their sin. When we're confronted with sin it may make us feel uncomfortable, but unless we're brought to realize the ramifications of our sin we'll never turn from it. We'll just keep making excuses for it. People need to realize that Jesus didn't come to save unrepentant sinners in their sin. He came to save repentant sinners from their sin. 

If we truly want to see people set free from the condemnation of sin the message of salvation can't be a watered down version of the gospel. It has to continue to call adultery what it is. It has to continue to call homosexuality what it is and the list goes on. 

I, for one, pray that this ministry continues to speak out to a lost and dying world and if some toes get munched in the process, so be it. 

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry Jed. 

In Christ, 



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