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Adam Meets Eve

A Parody by Bro. Jed

Dedicated to All the college students who are very confused about sex!

Adam, Adam, wake up.  I have something to show you!  Man, you are going to like this!

Wow, Father that is pretty.  It looks human, like me.  However, it does not have a banana like object Bro. Jeddangling between its legs like I do.  This human being has an orifice down there where I urinate.

Adam, that is a woman, I made her out of your rib.  Her name is Eve; she is to be your wife.  Adam, your banana is properly called a penis; it is about to take on a whole new dimension. 

Father, I can’t help but noticing that my penis is beginning to stiffen up, more like a cucumber.  Father, I see that the woman does not have a flat chest like I do.  Eve had two mounds where I have my nipples. 

Adam, your nipples are strictly for looks.  Her nipples and mounds are to serve as milk jugs for nursing babies.  Those mounds are called breasts.

Father, those breasts look inviting.  May I touch them?

Yes, Adam, she is all yours.  But no more questions!  You are going to have to figure things out for yourself; I am out of here!  But always remember that your penis is not for eating; it is to serve as an organ of reproduction for making babies. 


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