Bible Cross References
Psalm 56:12
O God, I will offer you what I have promised; I will give you my offering of thanksgiving,
Psalm 66:13
I will bring burnt offerings to your house; I will offer you what I promised.
Psalm 66:14
I will give you what I said I would when I was in trouble.
2 Chronicles 15:13
Anyone, young or old, male or female, who did not worship him was to be put to death.
2 Chronicles 15:14
In a loud voice they took an oath in the LORD's name that they would keep the covenant, and then they shouted and blew trumpets.
Nehemiah 10:29
do hereby join with our leaders in an oath, under penalty of a curse if we break it, that we will live according to God's Law, which God gave through his servant Moses; that we will obey all that the LORD, our Lord, commands us; and that we will keep all his laws and requirements.
Ecclesiastes 5:4
So when you make a promise to God, keep it as quickly as possible. He has no use for a fool. Do what you promise to do.
Ecclesiastes 5:5
Better not to promise at all than to make a promise and not keep it.
Matthew 5:33
"You have also heard that people were told in the past, 'Do not break your promise, but do what you have vowed to the Lord to do.'
2 Corinthians 8:5
It was more than we could have hoped for! First they gave themselves to the Lord; and then, by God's will they gave themselves to us as well.
that I will
Psalm 119:115
Go away from me, you sinful people. I will obey the commands of my God.
2 Kings 23:3
He stood by the royal column and made a covenant with the LORD to obey him, to keep his laws and commands with all his heart and soul, and to put into practice the demands attached to the covenant, as written in the book. And all the people promised to keep the covenant.