Bible Cross References
Job 9:3
How can anyone argue with him? He can ask a thousand questions that no one could ever answer.
Job 33:13
Why do you accuse God of never answering our complaints?
Ecclesiastes 6:10
Everything that happens was already determined long ago, and we all know that you cannot argue with someone who is stronger than you.
Isaiah 45:9-11
Does a clay pot dare argue with its maker, a pot that is like all the others? Does the clay ask the potter what he is doing? Does the pot complain that its maker has no skill?
Do we dare say to our parents, "Why did you make me like this?"
The LORD, the holy God of Israel, the one who shapes the future, says: "You have no right to question me about my children or to tell me what I ought to do!
Isaiah 50:8
for God is near, and he will prove me innocent. Does anyone dare bring charges against me? Let us go to court together! Let him bring his accusation!
1 Corinthians 10:22
Or do we want to make the Lord jealous? Do we think that we are stronger than he?
Isaiah 40:14
With whom does God consult in order to know and understand and to learn how things should be done?
1 Corinthians 2:16
As the scripture says, "Who knows the mind of the Lord? Who is able to give him advice?" We, however, have the mind of Christ.
he that reproveth
Job 3:11
I wish I had died in my mother's womb or died the moment I was born.
Job 3:12
Why did my mother hold me on her knees? Why did she feed me at her breast?
Job 3:20
Why let people go on living in misery? Why give light to those in grief ?
Job 3:23
God keeps their future hidden and hems them in on every side.
Job 7:12
Why do you keep me under guard? Do you think I am a sea monster?
Job 7:19-21
Won't you look away long enough for me to swallow my spit?
Are you harmed by my sin, you jailer? Why use me for your target practice? Am I so great a burden to you?
Can't you ever forgive my sin? Can't you pardon the wrong I do? Soon I will be in my grave, and I'll be gone when you look for me.
Job 9:17
He sends storms to batter and bruise me without any reason at all.
Job 9:18
He won't let me catch my breath; he has filled my life with bitterness.
Job 9:32-35
If God were human, I could answer him; we could go to court to decide our quarrel.
But there is no one to step between us--- no one to judge both God and me.
Stop punishing me, God! Keep your terrors away!
I am not afraid. I am going to talk because I know my own heart.
Job 10:3-7
Is it right for you to be so cruel? To despise what you yourself have made? And then to smile on the schemes of wicked people?
Do you see things as we do?
Is your life as short as ours?
Then why do you track down all my sins and hunt down every fault I have?
You know that I am not guilty, that no one can save me from you.
Job 10:14-17
You were watching to see if I would sin, so that you could refuse to forgive me.
As soon as I sin, I'm in trouble with you, but when I do right, I get no credit. I am miserable and covered with shame.
If I have any success at all, you hunt me down like a lion; to hurt me you even work miracles.
You always have some witness against me; your anger toward me grows and grows; you always plan some new attack.
Job 13:21-27
stop punishing me, and don't crush me with terror.
Speak first, O God, and I will answer. Or let me speak, and you answer me.
What are my sins? What wrongs have I done? What crimes am I charged with?
Why do you avoid me? Why do you treat me like an enemy?
Are you trying to frighten me? I'm nothing but a leaf; you are attacking a piece of dry straw.
You bring bitter charges against me, even for what I did when I was young.
You bind chains on my feet; you watch every step I take, and even examine my footprints.
Job 14:16
Then you will watch every step I take, but you will not keep track of my sins.
Job 14:17
You will forgive them and put them away; you will wipe out all the wrongs I have done.
Job 16:11-21
God has handed me over to evil people.
I was living in peace, but God took me by the throat and battered me and crushed me. God uses me for target practice
and shoots arrows at me from every side--- arrows that pierce and wound me; and even then he shows no pity.
He wounds me again and again; he attacks like a soldier gone mad with hate.
I mourn and wear clothes made of sackcloth, and I sit here in the dust defeated.
I have cried until my face is red, and my eyes are swollen and circled with shadows,
but I am not guilty of any violence, and my prayer to God is sincere.
O Earth, don't hide the wrongs done to me! Don't let my call for justice be silenced!
There is someone in heaven to stand up for me and take my side.
My friends scorn me; my eyes pour out tears to God.
I want someone to plead with God for me, as one pleads for a friend.
Job 19:6-11
Can't you see it is God who has done this? He has set a trap to catch me.
I protest his violence, but no one is listening; no one hears my cry for justice.
God has blocked the way, and I can't get through; he has hidden my path in darkness.
He has taken away all my wealth and destroyed my reputation.
He batters me from every side. He uproots my hope and leaves me to wither and die.
God is angry and rages against me; he treats me like his worst enemy.
Job 27:2
(SEE 27:1)
Job 30:21
You are treating me cruelly; you persecute me with all your power.
Ezekiel 18:2
and said, "What is this proverb people keep repeating in the land of Israel? 'The parents ate the sour grapes, But the children got the sour taste.'
Matthew 20:11
They took their money and started grumbling against the employer.
Romans 9:19-23
But one of you will say to me, "If this is so, how can God find fault with anyone? Who can resist God's will?"
But who are you, my friend, to talk back to God? A clay pot does not ask the man who made it, "Why did you make me like this?"
After all, the man who makes the pots has the right to use the clay as he wishes, and to make two pots from the same lump of clay, one for special occasions and the other for ordinary use.
And the same is true of what God has done. He wanted to show his anger and to make his power known. But he was very patient in enduring those who were the objects of his anger, who were doomed to destruction.
And he also wanted to reveal his abundant glory, which was poured out on us who are the objects of his mercy, those of us whom he has prepared to receive his glory.
Romans 11:34-36
As the scripture says, "Who knows the mind of the Lord? Who is able to give him advice?
Who has ever given him anything, so that he had to pay it back?"
For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever! Amen.