Bible Cross References
in the bitterness
Job 3:20
Why let people go on living in misery? Why give light to those in grief ?
Job 7:11
No! I can't be quiet! I am angry and bitter. I have to speak.
Job 9:18
He won't let me catch my breath; he has filled my life with bitterness.
Job 10:1
I am tired of living. Listen to my bitter complaint.
2 Samuel 17:8
You know that your father David and his men are hard fighters and that they are as fierce as a mother bear robbed of her cubs. Your father is an experienced soldier and does not stay with his men at night.
Proverbs 14:10
Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own. No one can share them with you.
Isaiah 38:15-17
What can I say? The LORD has done this. My heart is bitter, and I cannot sleep.
Lord, I will live for you, for you alone; Heal me and let me live.
My bitterness will turn into peace. You save my life from all danger; You forgive all my sins.
Job 20:23
Let them eat all they want! God will punish them in fury and anger.
1 Kings 17:12
She answered, "By the living LORD your God I swear that I don't have any bread. All I have is a handful of flour in a bowl and a bit of olive oil in a jar. I came here to gather some firewood to take back home and prepare what little I have for my son and me. That will be our last meal, and then we will starve to death."
Ecclesiastes 6:2
God will give us wealth, honor, and property, yes, everything we want, but then will not let us enjoy it. Some stranger will enjoy it instead. It is useless, and it just isn't right.
Ezekiel 4:16
And he added, "Mortal man, I am going to cut off the supply of bread for Jerusalem. The people there will be distressed and anxious as they measure out the food they eat and the water they drink.
Ezekiel 4:17
They will run out of bread and water; they will be in despair, and they will waste away because of their sins."
Ezekiel 12:18
"Mortal man," he said, "tremble when you eat, and shake with fear when you drink.