Bible Cross References
2 Samuel 19:9
All over the country they started quarreling among themselves. "King David saved us from our enemies," they said to one another. "He rescued us from the Philistines, but now he has fled from Absalom and left the country.
Psalm 3:1
I have so many enemies, LORD, so many who turn against me!
Ezekiel 46:18
The ruling prince must not take any of the people's property away from them. Any land he gives to his sons must be from the land that is assigned to him, so that he will not oppress any of my people by taking their land."
Matthew 11:12
From the time John preached his message until this very day the Kingdom of heaven has suffered violent attacks, and violent men try to seize it.
Luke 10:15
And as for you, Capernaum! Did you want to lift yourself up to heaven? You will be thrown down to hell!"
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2 Samuel 23:16
The three famous soldiers forced their way through the Philistine camp, drew some water from the well, and brought it back to David. But he would not drink it; instead he poured it out as an offering to the LORD
2 Samuel 23:17
and said, " LORD, I could never drink this! It would be like drinking the blood of these men who risked their lives!" So he refused to drink it. Those were the brave deeds of the three famous soldiers.
Psalm 51:18
O God, be kind to Zion and help her; rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
Psalm 55:3-11
I am terrified by the threats of my enemies, crushed by the oppression of the wicked. They bring trouble on me; they are angry with me and hate me.
I am terrified, and the terrors of death crush me.
I am gripped by fear and trembling; I am overcome with horror.
I wish I had wings like a dove. I would fly away and find rest.
I would fly far away and make my home in the desert.
I would hurry and find myself a shelter from the raging wind and the storm.
Confuse the speech of my enemies, O Lord! I see violence and riots in the city,
surrounding it day and night, filling it with crime and trouble.
There is destruction everywhere; the streets are full of oppression and fraud.
Psalm 137:5
May I never be able to play the harp again if I forget you, Jerusalem!
Psalm 137:6
May I never be able to sing again if I do not remember you, if I do not think of you as my greatest joy!