Bible Cross References
the five
Ezekiel 48:10
The priests are to have a portion of this holy area. From east to west their portion is to measure 10 miles, and from north to south, 4 miles. The Temple of the LORD is to be located in the middle of this area.
Ezekiel 48:13
The Levites also are to have a special area, south of that of the priests. It too is to be 10 miles from east to west, by 4 miles from north to south.
Ezekiel 48:20
And so the total area in the center of the section which was set apart will be a square measuring 10 miles on each side, and it will include the area occupied by the city.
the ministers
1 Corinthians 9:13
Surely you know that the men who work in the Temple get their food from the Temple and that those who offer the sacrifices on the altar get a share of the sacrifices.
1 Corinthians 9:14
In the same way, the Lord has ordered that those who preach the gospel should get their living from it.
for a possession
Ezekiel 40:17
The man took me through the gateway into the courtyard. There were thirty rooms built against the outer wall, and in front of them there was an area paved with stones,
1 Chronicles 9:26-33
The four chief guards were Levites and had the final responsibility. They were also responsible for the rooms in the Temple and for the supplies kept there.
They lived near the Temple, because it was their duty to guard it and to open the gates every morning.
Other Levites were responsible for the utensils used in worship. They checked them out and checked them back in every time they were used.
Others were in charge of the other sacred equipment, and of the flour, wine, olive oil, incense, and spices.
But the responsibility for mixing the spices belonged to the priests.
A Levite named Mattithiah, oldest son of Shallum, of the clan of Korah, was responsible for preparing the baked offerings.
Members of the clan of Kohath were responsible for preparing the sacred bread for the Temple every Sabbath.
Some Levite families were responsible for the Temple music. The heads of these families lived in some of the Temple buildings and were free from other duties, because they were on call day and night.
Nehemiah 10:38
Priests who are descended from Aaron are to be with the Levites when tithes are collected, and for use in the Temple the Levites are to take to the Temple storerooms one-tenth of all the tithes they collect.
Nehemiah 10:39
The people of Israel and the Levites are to take the contributions of grain, wine, and olive oil to the storerooms where the utensils for the Temple are kept and where the priests who are on duty, the Temple guards, and the members of the Temple choir have their quarters. We will not neglect the house of our God.