Bible Cross References
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Job 7:7
Remember, O God, my life is only a breath; my happiness has already ended.
Psalm 89:45-47
You have made him old before his time and covered him with disgrace.
LORD, will you hide yourself forever? How long will your anger burn like fire?
Remember how short my life is; remember that you created all of us mortal!
Psalm 102:11
My life is like the evening shadows; I am like dry grass.
Psalm 102:23
The LORD has made me weak while I am still young; he has shortened my life.
Psalm 102:24
O God, do not take me away now before I grow old. O LORD, you live forever;
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Isaiah 1:8
Jerusalem alone is left, a city under siege---as defenseless as a guard's hut in a vineyard or a shed in a cucumber field.
Isaiah 13:20
No one will ever live there again. No wandering Arab will ever pitch a tent there, and no shepherd will ever pasture a flock there.
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Job 7:6
My days pass by without hope, pass faster than a weaver's shuttle.
Job 9:25
My days race by, not one of them good.
Job 9:26
My life passes like the swiftest boat, as fast as an eagle swooping down on a rabbit.
Job 14:2
We grow and wither as quickly as flowers; we disappear like shadows.
James 4:14
You don't even know what your life tomorrow will be! You are like a puff of smoke, which appears for a moment and then disappears.
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Job 7:3-5
Month after month I have nothing to live for; night after night brings me grief.
When I lie down to sleep, the hours drag; I toss all night and long for dawn.
My body is full of worms; it is covered with scabs; pus runs out of my sores.
Job 17:1
The end of my life is near. I can hardly breathe; there is nothing left for me but the grave.
Psalm 31:22
I was afraid and thought that he had driven me out of his presence. But he heard my cry, when I called to him for help.
Psalm 119:23
The rulers meet and plot against me, but I will study your teachings.