Bible Cross References
Job 28:15-19
It cannot be bought with silver or gold.
The finest gold and jewels Cannot equal its value.
It is worth more than gold, Than a gold vase or finest glass.
The value of wisdom is more Than coral or crystal or rubies.
The finest topaz and the purest gold Cannot compare with the value of wisdom.
Psalm 19:10
They are more desirable than the finest gold; they are sweeter than the purest honey.
Psalm 119:72
The law that you gave means more to me than all the money in the world.
Proverbs 3:14
There is more profit in it than there is in silver; it is worth more to you than gold.
Proverbs 3:15
Wisdom is more valuable than jewels; nothing you could want can compare with it.
Proverbs 8:11
"I am Wisdom, I am better than jewels; nothing you want can compare with me.
Proverbs 8:18
I have riches and honor to give, prosperity and success.
Proverbs 8:19
What you get from me is better than the finest gold, better than the purest silver.
Proverbs 16:16
It is better---much better---to have wisdom and knowledge than gold and silver.
Proverbs 23:23
Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense---these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell.
Ecclesiastes 8:16
Whenever I tried to become wise and learn what goes on in the world, I realized that you could stay awake night and day
Ecclesiastes 8:17
and never be able to understand what God is doing. However hard you try, you will never find out. The wise may claim to know, but they don't.
in the land
Job 28:21
No living creature can see it, Not even a bird in flight.
Job 28:22
Even death and destruction Admit they have heard only rumors.
Psalm 52:5
So God will ruin you forever; he will take hold of you and snatch you from your home; he will remove you from the world of the living.
Isaiah 38:11
I thought that in this world of the living I would never again see the LORD Or any living person.
Isaiah 53:8
He was arrested and sentenced and led off to die, and no one cared about his fate. He was put to death for the sins of our people.