Bible Cross References
and made
Judges 13:15-19
Not knowing that it was the LORD's angel, Manoah said to him, "Please do not go yet. Let us cook a young goat for you." But the angel said, "If I do stay, I will not eat your food. But if you want to prepare it, burn it as an offering to the LORD."
(SEE 13:15)
Manoah replied, "Tell us your name, so that we can honor you when your words come true."
The angel asked, "Why do you want to know my name? It is a name of wonder."
So Manoah took a young goat and some grain, and offered them on the rock altar to the LORD who works wonders.
Genesis 18:6-8
Abraham hurried into the tent and said to Sarah, "Quick, take a sack of your best flour, and bake some bread."
Then he ran to the herd and picked out a calf that was tender and fat, and gave it to a servant, who hurried to get it ready.
He took some cream, some milk, and the meat, and set the food before the men. There under the tree he served them himself, and they ate.
unleavened cakes
Leviticus 2:4
If the offering is bread baked in an oven, it must be made without yeast. It may be thick loaves made of flour mixed with olive oil or thin cakes brushed with olive oil.