Bible Cross References
Deuteronomy 10:4
Then the LORD wrote on those tablets the same words that he had written the first time, the Ten Commandments that he gave you when he spoke from the fire on the day you were gathered at the mountain. The LORD gave me the tablets,
Exodus 34:1
The LORD said to Moses, "Cut two stone tablets like the first ones, and I will write on them the words that were on the first tablets, which you broke.
Exodus 34:2
Get ready tomorrow morning, and come up Mount Sinai to meet me there at the top.
Exodus 34:4
So Moses cut two more stone tablets, and early the next morning he carried them up Mount Sinai, just as the LORD had commanded.
make thee
Deuteronomy 10:3
"So I made a Box of acacia wood and cut two stone tablets like the first ones and took them up the mountain.
Exodus 25:10-15
"Make a Box out of acacia wood, 45 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 27 inches high.
Cover it with pure gold inside and out and put a gold border all around it.
Make four carrying rings of gold for it and attach them to its four legs, with two rings on each side.
Make carrying poles of acacia wood and cover them with gold
and put them through the rings on each side of the Box.
The poles are to be left in the rings and must not be taken out.
Hebrews 9:4
In it were the gold altar for the burning of incense and the Covenant Box all covered with gold and containing the gold jar with the manna in it, Aaron's stick that had sprouted leaves, and the two stone tablets with the commandments written on them.