Bible Cross References
Acts 5:22-25
But when the officials arrived, they did not find the apostles in prison, so they returned to the Council and reported,
"When we arrived at the jail, we found it locked up tight and all the guards on watch at the gates; but when we opened the gates, we found no one inside!"
When the chief priests and the officer in charge of the Temple guards heard this, they wondered what had happened to the apostles.
Then a man came in and said to them, "Listen! The men you put in prison are in the Temple teaching the people!"
Acts 16:27
The jailer woke up, and when he saw the prison doors open, he thought that the prisoners had escaped; so he pulled out his sword and was about to kill himself.
Acts 19:23
It was at this time that there was serious trouble in Ephesus because of the Way of the Lord.