Bible Cross References
the heave
Numbers 18:8
The LORD said to Aaron, "Remember that I am giving you all the special contributions made to me that are not burned as sacrifices. I am giving them to you and to your descendants as the part assigned to you forever.
Exodus 29:27
"When a priest is ordained, the breast and the thigh of the ram being used for the ordination are to be dedicated to me as a special gift and set aside for the priests.
Exodus 29:28
It is my unchanging decision that when my people make their fellowship offerings, the breast and the thigh of the animal belong to the priests. This is the people's gift to me, the LORD.
Leviticus 7:14
You shall present one part of each kind of bread as a special contribution to the LORD; it belongs to the priest who takes the blood of the animal and throws it against the altar.
Leviticus 7:30-34
bringing it with your own hands as a food offering. You shall bring the fat of the animal with its breast and present it as a special gift to the LORD.
The priest shall burn the fat on the altar, but the breast shall belong to the priests.
The right hind leg of the animal shall be given as a special contribution
to the priest who offers the blood and the fat of the fellowship offering.
The breast of the animal is a special gift, and the right hind leg is a special contribution that the LORD has taken from the people of Israel and given to the priests. This is what the people of Israel must give to the priests for all time to come.
unto thee
Leviticus 10:14
But you and your families may eat the breast and the hind leg that are presented as the special gift and the special contribution to the LORD for the priests. You may eat them in any ritually clean place. These offerings have been given to you and your children as the part that belongs to you from the fellowship offerings of the people of Israel.
Deuteronomy 18:3
"Whenever cattle or sheep are sacrificed, the priests are to be given the shoulder, the jaw, and the stomach.
every one
Leviticus 22:2
to tell Aaron and his sons, "You must not bring disgrace on my holy name, so treat with respect the sacred offerings that the people of Israel dedicate to me. I am the LORD.
Leviticus 22:3
If any of your descendants, while he is ritually unclean, comes near the sacred offerings which the people of Israel have dedicated to me, he can never again serve at the altar. This applies for all time to come. I am the LORD.
Leviticus 22:11-13
But a priest's slaves, bought with his own money or born in his home, may eat the food the priest receives.
A priest's daughter who marries someone who is not a priest may not eat any of the sacred offerings.
But a widowed or divorced daughter who has no children and who has returned to live in her father's house as a dependent may eat the food her father receives as a priest. Only a member of a priestly family may eat any of it.