Bible Cross References
Nahum 2:3
The enemy soldiers carry red shields and wear uniforms of red. They are preparing to attack! Their chariots flash like fire! Their horses prance!
Nahum 2:4
Chariots dash wildly through the streets, rushing back and forth in the city squares. They flash like torches and dart about like lightning.
Judges 5:22
Then the horses came galloping on, stamping the ground with their hoofs.
Job 39:22-25
They do not know the meaning of fear, and no sword can turn them back.
The weapons which their riders carry rattle and flash in the sun.
Trembling with excitement, the horses race ahead; when the trumpet blows, they can't stand still.
At each blast of the trumpet they snort; they can smell a battle before they get near, and they hear the officers shouting commands.
Isaiah 9:5
The boots of the invading army and all their bloodstained clothing will be destroyed by fire.
Jeremiah 47:3
They will hear the hoofbeats of horses, the clatter of chariots, the rumble of wheels. Parents will not turn back for their children; their hands will hang limp at their sides.