Bible Cross References
I set
Daniel 10:9
When I heard his voice, I fell to the ground unconscious and lay there face downward.
Daniel 8:18
While he was talking, I fell to the ground unconscious. But he took hold of me, raised me to my feet,
Ezekiel 24:27
That same day you will get back the power of speech which you had lost, and you will talk with them. In this way you will be a sign to the people, and they will know that I am the LORD."
Ezekiel 33:22
The evening before he came, I had felt the powerful presence of the LORD. When the man arrived the next morning, the LORD gave me back the power of speech.
Luke 1:20
But you have not believed my message, which will come true at the right time. Because you have not believed, you will be unable to speak; you will remain silent until the day my promise to you comes true."