Bible Cross References
Job 5:3
I have seen fools who looked secure, but I called down a sudden curse on their homes.
Job 8:15
If they lean on a web, will it hold them up? If they grab for a thread, will it help them stand?"
Job 18:14-21
They are torn from the tents where they lived secure, and are dragged off to face King Death.
Now anyone may live in their tents--- after sulfur is sprinkled to disinfect them!
Their roots and branches are withered and dry.
Their fame is ended at home and abroad; no one remembers them any more.
They will be driven out of the land of the living, driven from light into darkness.
They have no descendants, no survivors.
From east to west, all who hear of their fate shudder and tremble with fear.
That is the fate of evil people, the fate of those who care nothing for God.
Job 21:28-30
You ask, "Where are the homes of great people now, those who practiced evil?"
Haven't you talked with people who travel? Don't you know the reports they bring back?
On the day God is angry and punishes, it is the wicked who are always spared.
Job 27:13-23
This is how Almighty God punishes wicked, violent people.
They may have many sons, but all will be killed in war; their children never have enough to eat.
Those who survive will die from disease, and even their widows will not mourn their death.
The wicked may have too much silver to count and more clothes than anyone needs;
but some good person will wear the clothes, and someone honest will get the silver.
The wicked build houses like a spider's web or like the hut of a slave guarding the fields.
One last time they will lie down rich, and when they wake up, they will find their wealth gone.
Terror will strike like a sudden flood; a wind in the night will blow them away;
the east wind will sweep them from their homes;
it will blow down on them without pity while they try their best to escape.
The wind howls at them as they run, frightening them with destructive power.
Psalm 37:35
I once knew someone wicked who was a tyrant; he towered over everyone like a cedar of Lebanon;
Psalm 37:36
but later I passed by, and he wasn't there; I looked for him, but couldn't find him.
Psalm 52:5
So God will ruin you forever; he will take hold of you and snatch you from your home; he will remove you from the world of the living.
Psalm 107:43
May those who are wise think about these things; may they consider the LORD's constant love.
Hosea 14:9
May those who are wise understand what is written here, and may they take it to heart. The LORD's ways are right, and righteous people live by following them, but sinners stumble and fall because they ignore them.
Habakkuk 2:9-12
You are doomed! You have made your family rich with what you took by violence, and have tried to make your own home safe from harm and danger!
But your schemes have brought shame on your family; by destroying many nations you have only brought ruin on yourself.
Even the stones of the walls cry out against you, and the rafters echo the cry.
You are doomed! You founded a city on crime and built it up by murder.
Proverbs 11:3-5
If you are good, you are guided by honesty. People who can't be trusted are destroyed by their own dishonesty.
Riches will do you no good on the day you face death, but honesty can save your life.
Honesty makes a good person's life easier, but the wicked will cause their own downfall.
Proverbs 13:6
Righteousness protects the innocent; wickedness is the downfall of sinners.
Proverbs 14:32
Wicked people bring about their own downfall by their evil deeds, but good people are protected by their integrity.
Genesis 19:29
But when God destroyed the cities of the valley where Lot was living, he kept Abraham in mind and allowed Lot to escape to safety.
Amos 4:11
"I destroyed some of you as I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Those of you who survived were like a burning stick saved from a fire. Still you did not come back to me," says the LORD.
1 Corinthians 10:5
But even then God was not pleased with most of them, and so their dead bodies were scattered over the desert.
2 Peter 2:4-9
God did not spare the angels who sinned, but threw them into hell, where they are kept chained in darkness, waiting for the Day of Judgment.
God did not spare the ancient world, but brought the flood on the world of godless people; the only ones he saved were Noah, who preached righteousness, and seven other people.
God condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying them with fire, and made them an example of what will happen to the godless.
He rescued Lot, a good man, who was distressed by the immoral conduct of lawless people.
That good man lived among them, and day after day he suffered agony as he saw and heard their evil actions.
And so the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials and how to keep the wicked under punishment for the Day of Judgment,
2 Peter 3:6
and it was also by water, the water of the flood, that the old world was destroyed.
2 Peter 3:7
But the heavens and the earth that now exist are being preserved by the same command of God, in order to be destroyed by fire. They are being kept for the day when godless people will be judged and destroyed.