Bible Cross References
Leviticus 4:11
But he shall take its skin, all its flesh, its head, its legs, and its internal organs, including the intestines,
Leviticus 4:12
carry it all outside the camp to the ritually clean place where the ashes are poured out, and there he shall burn it on a wood fire.
Leviticus 4:21
Then he shall take the bull outside the camp and burn it, just as he burns the bull offered for his own sin. This is an offering to take away the sin of the community.
Leviticus 8:17
He took the rest of the bull, including its skin, flesh, and intestines, and burned it outside the camp, just as the LORD had commanded.
Leviticus 16:27
The bull and the goat used for the sin offering, whose blood was brought into the Most Holy Place to take away sin, shall be carried outside the camp and burned. Skin, meat, and intestines shall all be burned.
Hebrews 13:11-13
The Jewish high priest brings the blood of the animals into the Most Holy Place to offer it as a sacrifice for sins; but the bodies of the animals are burned outside the camp.
For this reason Jesus also died outside the city, in order to purify the people from sin with his own blood.
Let us, then, go to him outside the camp and share his shame.
it is a
Exodus 30:10
Once a year Aaron is to perform the ritual for purifying the altar by putting on its four projections the blood of the animal sacrificed for sin. This is to be done every year for all time to come. This altar is to be completely holy, dedicated to me, the LORD."
Leviticus 4:3
If it is the High Priest who sins and so brings guilt on the people, he shall present a young bull without any defects and sacrifice it to the LORD for his sin.
Leviticus 4:25
The priest shall dip his finger in the blood of the animal, put it on the projections at the corners of the altar, and pour out the rest of it at the base of the altar.
Leviticus 4:29
You shall put your hand on its head and kill it on the north side of the altar, where the animals for the burnt offerings are killed.
Leviticus 4:32
If you bring a sheep as a sin offering, it must be a female without any defects.
Leviticus 5:6
and as the penalty for your sin you must bring to the LORD a female sheep or goat as an offering. The priest shall offer the sacrifice for your sin.
Leviticus 5:8
You shall bring them to the priest, who will first offer the bird for the sin offering. He will break its neck without pulling off its head
Leviticus 6:25
to give Aaron and his sons the following regulations for sin offerings. The animal for a sin offering shall be killed on the north side of the altar, where the animals for the burnt offerings are killed. This is a very holy offering.
Leviticus 9:2
He said to Aaron, "Take a young bull and a ram without any defects and offer them to the LORD, the bull for a sin offering and the ram for a burnt offering.
Leviticus 16:3
He may enter the Most Holy Place only after he has brought a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering."
Leviticus 16:11
When Aaron sacrifices the bull as the sin offering for himself and his family,
Numbers 7:16
(SEE 7:12)
2 Chronicles 29:24
Then the priests killed the goats and poured their blood on the altar as a sacrifice to take away the sin of all the people, for the king had commanded that burnt offerings and sin offerings be made for all Israel.
Ezra 8:35
All those who had returned from exile then brought offerings to be burned as sacrifices to the God of Israel. They offered 12 bulls for all Israel, 96 rams, and 77 lambs; they also offered 12 goats to purify themselves from sin. All these animals were burned as sacrifices to the LORD.