Bible Cross References
Psalm 99:1
The LORD is king, and the people tremble. He sits on his throne above the winged creatures, and the earth shakes.
2 Samuel 22:11
He flew swiftly on his winged creature; he traveled on the wings of the wind.
2 Samuel 22:12
He covered himself with darkness; thick clouds, full of water, surrounded him;
Ezekiel 1:5-14
At the center of the storm I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form,
but each of them had four faces and four wings.
Their legs were straight, and they had hoofs like those of a bull. They shone like polished bronze.
In addition to their four faces and four wings, they each had four human hands, one under each wing.
Two wings of each creature were spread out so that the creatures formed a square, with their wing tips touching. When they moved, they moved as a group without turning their bodies.
Each living creature had four different faces: a human face in front, a lion's face at the right, a bull's face at the left, and an eagle's face at the back.
Two wings of each creature were raised so that they touched the tips of the wings of the creatures next to it, and their other two wings were folded against their bodies.
Each creature faced all four directions, and so the group could go wherever they wished, without having to turn.
Among the creatures there was something that looked like a blazing torch, constantly moving. The fire would blaze up and shoot out flashes of lightning.
The creatures themselves darted back and forth with the speed of lightning.
Ezekiel 10:20-22
I recognized them as the same creatures which I had seen beneath the God of Israel at the Chebar River.
Each of them had four faces, four wings, and what looked like a human hand under each wing.
Their faces looked exactly like the faces I had seen by the Chebar River. Each creature moved straight ahead.
he did fly
Psalm 104:3
and built your home on the waters above. You use the clouds as your chariot and ride on the wings of the wind.