Bible Cross References
The proud
Psalm 10:4-12
The wicked do not care about the LORD; in their pride they think that God doesn't matter.
The wicked succeed in everything. They cannot understand God's judgments; they sneer at their enemies.
They say to themselves, "We will never fail; we will never be in trouble."
Their speech is filled with curses, lies, and threats; they are quick to speak hateful, evil words.
They hide themselves in the villages, waiting to murder innocent people. They spy on their helpless victims;
they wait in their hiding place like lions. They lie in wait for the poor; they catch them in their traps and drag them away.
The helpless victims lie crushed; brute strength has defeated them.
The wicked say to themselves, "God doesn't care! He has closed his eyes and will never see me!"
O LORD, punish those wicked people! Remember those who are suffering!
Psalm 17:8-13
Protect me as you would your very eyes; hide me in the shadow of your wings
from the attacks of the wicked. Deadly enemies surround me;
they have no pity and speak proudly.
They are around me now, wherever I turn, watching for a chance to pull me down.
They are like lions, waiting for me, wanting to tear me to pieces.
Come, LORD! Oppose my enemies and defeat them! Save me from the wicked by your sword;
Psalm 35:7
Without any reason they laid a trap for me and dug a deep hole to catch me.
Psalm 36:11
Do not let proud people attack me or the wicked make me run away.
Psalm 57:6
My enemies have spread a net to catch me; I am overcome with distress. They dug a pit in my path, but fell into it themselves.
Psalm 119:69
The proud have told lies about me, but with all my heart I obey your instructions.
Psalm 119:85
The proud, who do not obey your law, have dug pits to trap me.
Psalm 119:110
The wicked lay a trap for me, but I have not disobeyed your commands.
Psalm 123:3
Be merciful to us, LORD, be merciful; we have been treated with so much contempt.
Psalm 123:4
We have been mocked too long by the rich and scorned by proud oppressors.
Psalm 141:9
Protect me from the traps they have set for me, from the snares of those evildoers.
Psalm 141:10
May the wicked fall into their own traps while I go by unharmed.
Psalm 142:3
When I am ready to give up, he knows what I should do. In the path where I walk, my enemies have hidden a trap for me.
Proverbs 29:5
If you flatter your friends, you set a trap for yourself.
Jeremiah 18:18
Then the people said, "Let's do something about Jeremiah! There will always be priests to instruct us, the wise to give us counsel, and prophets to proclaim God's message. Let's bring charges against him and stop listening to what he says."
Jeremiah 18:20
Is evil the payment for good? Yet they have dug a pit for me to fall in. Remember how I came to you and spoke on their behalf, so that you would not deal with them in anger.
Jeremiah 18:22
Send a mob to plunder their homes without warning; make them cry out in terror. They have dug a pit for me to fall in and have set traps to catch me.
Luke 11:53
When Jesus left that place, the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees began to criticize him bitterly and ask him questions about many things,
Luke 11:54
trying to lay traps for him and catch him saying something wrong.
Luke 20:20-23
So they looked for an opportunity. They bribed some men to pretend they were sincere, and they sent them to trap Jesus with questions, so that they could hand him over to the authority and power of the Roman Governor.
These spies said to Jesus, "Teacher, we know that what you say and teach is right. We know that you pay no attention to anyone's status, but teach the truth about God's will for people.
Tell us, is it against our Law for us to pay taxes to the Roman Emperor, or not?"
But Jesus saw through their trick and said to them,