Bible Cross References
Job 4:4
When someone stumbled, weak and tired, your words encouraged him to stand.
Job 16:5
I could strengthen you with advice and keep talking to comfort you.
Proverbs 12:18
Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal.
Proverbs 16:21-24
A wise, mature person is known for his understanding. The more pleasant his words, the more persuasive he is.
Wisdom is a fountain of life to the wise, but trying to educate stupid people is a waste of time.
Intelligent people think before they speak; what they say is then more persuasive.
Kind words are like honey---sweet to the taste and good for your health.
Proverbs 18:21
What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words.
Proverbs 25:11
An idea well-expressed is like a design of gold, set in silver.
Ecclesiastes 12:10
The Philosopher tried to find comforting words, but the words he wrote were honest.
Ecclesiastes 12:11
The sayings of the wise are like the sharp sticks that shepherds use to guide sheep, and collected proverbs are as lasting as firmly driven nails. They have been given by God, the one Shepherd of us all.
what doth
Job 13:5
Say nothing, and someone may think you are wise!
Job 16:3
Are you going to keep on talking forever? Do you always have to have the last word?
Job 16:4
If you were in my place and I in yours, I could say everything you are saying. I could shake my head wisely and drown you with a flood of words.
Job 21:34
And you! You try to comfort me with nonsense! Every answer you give is a lie!
Job 24:25
Can anyone deny that this is so? Can anyone prove that my words are not true?
Job 32:3
He was also angry with Job's three friends. They could not find any way to answer Job, and this made it appear that God was in the wrong.