Bible Cross References
Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? or will he harrow the valleys after thee?
Job 39:5
Who gave the wild donkeys their freedom? Who turned them loose and let them roam?
Job 39:7
They keep far away from the noisy cities, and no one can tame them and make them work.
Job 1:14
a messenger came running to Job. "We were plowing the fields with the oxen," he said, "and the donkeys were in a nearby pasture.
Job 41:5
Will you tie him like a pet bird, like something to amuse your servant women?
Psalm 129:3
They cut deep wounds in my back and made it like a plowed field.
Hosea 10:10
I will attack this sinful people and punish them. Nations will join together against them, and they will be punished for their many sins.
Hosea 10:11
"Israel was once like a well-trained young cow, ready and willing to thresh grain. But I decided to put a yoke on her beautiful neck and to harness her for harder work. I made Judah pull the plow and Israel pull the harrow.
Micah 1:13
You that live in Lachish, hitch the horses to the chariots. You imitated the sins of Israel and so caused Jerusalem to sin.