Bible Cross References
My desire is that Job may be tried
Job 23:16
Almighty God has destroyed my courage. It is God, not the dark, that makes me afraid--- even though the darkness has made me blind.
Psalm 17:3
You know my heart. You have come to me at night; you have examined me completely and found no evil desire in me. I speak no evil,
Psalm 26:2
Examine me and test me, LORD; judge my desires and thoughts.
James 5:11
We call them happy because they endured. You have heard of Job's patience, and you know how the Lord provided for him in the end. For the Lord is full of mercy and compassion.
his answers
Job 34:8
He likes the company of evil people and goes around with sinners.
Job 34:9
He says that it never does any good to try to follow God's will.
Job 12:6
But thieves and godless people live in peace, though their only god is their own strength.
Job 21:7
Why does God let evil people live, let them grow old and prosper?
Job 24:1
Why doesn't God set a time for judging, a day of justice for those who serve him?