Bible Cross References
breath is corrupt
Job 19:17
My wife can't stand the smell of my breath, and my own brothers won't come near me.
my days
Job 6:11
What strength do I have to keep on living? Why go on living when I have no hope?
Job 42:16
Job lived a hundred and forty years after this, long enough to see his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Isaiah 57:16
I gave my people life, and I will not continue to accuse them or be angry with them forever.
the graves
Job 17:13
My only hope is the world of the dead, where I will lie down to sleep in the dark.
Job 17:14
I will call the grave my father, and the worms that eat me I will call my mother and my sisters.
Psalm 88:3-5
So many troubles have fallen on me that I am close to death.
I am like all others who are about to die; all my strength is gone.
I am abandoned among the dead; I am like the slain lying in their graves, those you have forgotten completely, who are beyond your help.
Isaiah 38:10-14
I thought that in the prime of life I was going to the world of the dead, Never to live out my life.
I thought that in this world of the living I would never again see the LORD Or any living person.
My life was cut off and ended, Like a tent that is taken down, Like cloth that is cut from a loom. I thought that God was ending my life.
All night I cried out with pain, As if a lion were breaking my bones. I thought that God was ending my life.
My voice was thin and weak, And I moaned like a dove. My eyes grew tired from looking to heaven. LORD, rescue me from all this trouble.