Bible Cross References
and the land
Genesis 34:21-23
"These men are friendly; let them live in the land with us and travel freely. The land is large enough for them also. Let us marry their daughters and give them ours in marriage.
But these men will agree to live among us and be one people with us only on the condition that we circumcise all our males, as they are circumcised.
Won't all their livestock and everything else they own be ours? So let us agree that they can live among us."
Genesis 13:9
So let's separate. Choose any part of the land you want. You go one way, and I'll go the other."
Genesis 20:15
He said to Abraham, "Here is my whole land; live anywhere you like."
Genesis 42:34
Bring your youngest brother to me. Then I will know that you are not spies, but honest men; I will give your brother back to you, and you can stay here and trade.' "
Genesis 47:27
The Israelites lived in Egypt in the region of Goshen, where they became rich and had many children.