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The Tampon Lady

Confessions of the Tampon Lady


Sin is Like a Chocolate Covered Bloody Tampon

Sister Cindy Bloody Tampon University of Iowa

Ye shall defile also the covering of thy graven images of silver, and the ornament of thy molten images of gold: thou shalt cast them away as a menstruous cloth; thou shalt say unto it, Get thee hence. (Isaiah 30:22 KJV)


Holman Christian Standard Bible
Then you will defile your silver-plated idols and your gold-plated images. You will throw them away like menstrual cloths, and 
call them filth.  Is. 30:22


NET Bible
You will desecrate your silver-plated idols and your gold-plated images. You will throw them away as if they were a menstrual rag, saying to them, "Get out!" 
Is. 30:22

 Tampon Lady at Iowa State...Large crowd


The creation of my now infamous “Tampon Tree” was inspired by the verse above.  I have meditated on this verse for years and even preached on it a few times…but to make it real I needed an object lesson! World’s Greatest Street Preacher Ruben Israel had designed his own tampon tree for preaching events (not sure if he is patenting it) but he shared the design with me in March of 2014.  I meditated on this message all summer and the week before classes started in August of 2014, I went to work on the arts and crafts project… It is a mop handle with 4 bloody tampons and two bloody pads tied to a coat hanger producing a mobile effect.


When this prophecy (Is. 30:22) was given, most Hebrews were still worshipping idols that had been propagated by the evil King Ahaz.  In the beginning of the chapter, Isaiah warns them that judgment is coming…but the chapter ends with words of hope for the rebellious people.  One day they would repent and the Lord would show compassion. A part of that repentance included seeing thatsister cindy bloody tampon their precious gold covered idols were nothing but mentruous cloths or bloody rags.  The Lord inspired the prophet Isaiah to paint a graphic picture of their idolatry…BLOODY RAGS…blood from a woman’s period.  There are few things more repulsive than a bloody tampon.


Pulpit Commentary: Is. 30: 22. - Ye shall defile also the covering of thy graven images of silver. Idolatry, greatly encouraged by Ahaz, had been strictly forbidden by Hezekiah at the beginning of his reign (2 Kings 18:4); but the present passage, among others, shows how impossible it was for a king, with the best intentions, to effect the extirpation of idolatry, if his subjects were attached to it. Evidently the Jews had, in many cases, secretly maintained their idols and their idolatrous practices, despite the efforts of Hezekiah. But … in their (future) repentance, they would "defile" (i.e. destroy) both the outer "covering" of precious metal, and the inner core of wood or stone, or base metallic substance. The ornament of thy molten images of gold; rather, the coating or overlaying. It was usual to overlay with gold or silver molten images of bronze or other inferior metal. Cast them away; literally, scatteri.e. either grind them to powder, or at any rate break them to bits, and then disperse the fragments far and wide. 

Tampon Lady Iowa State Just as the bronze or wooden idol was covered with expensive attractive gold, Satan makes sin look inviting.  In other words, he coats the bloody tampon with chocolate. Hence, sin is a chocolate covered bloody tampon!  It may look good, smell good, taste good or make you feel good…at first.  Once you bite into it you will be so sorry; you will gag, choke, throw up and maybe even commit suicide!

 I was recently preaching at the University of Wyoming with my “Tampon Tree” in one hand and my husband’s crucifix staff in the other.  Soon a crowd of over 100 formed…cell phones clicking pics and sending digital images to friends…

 Sis. Cindy: Students, I am here with an ultimatum from God: Choose the bloody tampon or the bloody Christ. We have good news students. You can be forgiven!! We are here in the name of Jesus Christ who died for you and rose again for you. God is calling you to turn from your bloody tampon to the bloody Christ.

Students: What the ----?Why are you carrying that tampon tree?

Sis. Cindy: I’ll tell you why! Students, who got wasted this weekend?

Students: Yeah! Yeah! (crowd hoots and roars)

Sis. Cindy: Students, I must warn you, that bottle of beer may look good, it may smell good, it may taste good, and it may make you feel good… temporarily, but in reality, that bottle of beer is just a chocolate covered bloody tampon!

Sis. Cindy: O.K students, who plans on getting high on marijuana tonight?

Students: Yeah! Yeah! (crowd hoots and roars).

Male Student: I smoked weed this morning…AK47 (crowd cheers and applauds).

Sis. Cindy: Students, I must warn you, that joint of marijuana may look good, it may smell good, it may taste good, and it may makeUniversity of Illinois you feel good temporarily, but in reality, joint of marijuana, that is just a chocolate covered bloody tampon!

Suddenly two police officers arrive on the scene wearing blue and green Playtex gloves.  The male police officer asks for my driver’s license and I head over to my bag to retrieve it.  So now both the crucifix staff and tampon tree are in my left hand and I reach toward the policeman to hand him my license with my right hand, accidently swinging the tampon tree toward the officer’s face. He ducks!  

Someone had reported that I had an “unsanitary” demonstration. Fortunately the police had Playtex gloves to protect them from my biohazard object lesson so that they would not be contaminated.  My internet googled kitchen recipe for fake blood fooled even the police.  Once I informed the kind officers that it was not real blood, they assured me that I had free speech…so my message continued:

Sis. Cindy: Students, sin is like a chocolate covered bloody tampon…sin is unsanitary to your soul…it is a biohazard to your mind; it will contaminate you for eternity. The Bible says that you may enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season, (He. 11:25) but you can be sure that your sins will find you out. (Nu. 32:23) Your sins will send you to the Lake of Fire for eternity! (Rev. 21:8)

Wake up students and spit out the bloody tampon. Turn from your selfishness to the bloody Christ!  For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)  He rose from the dead that you might be forgiven! We have good news boys and girls: Jesus Christ will change your life!

 “Why do you think we are going to hell?” the angry Colorado State Student asked.

Your choice is the bloody tampon or the bloody Christ! I responded, “You are living in sin, living for drugs, drunkenness, fornication and the party animal lifestyle.”

 “You are attacking our generation and everything we identify with,” the student huffed.

 The party animal lifestyle is the precious golden idol of the American college students. The love of God compels us to work with the Holy Spirit showing the wayward youth that their beloved golden idol is just a menstruous cloth…a filthy, disgusting, blood-soaked rag.  We are pleading with them to throw away The BLOODY TAMPON and cling in repentance and faith to the BLOODY CHRIST!

 Below are some of the tweets from students who heard the preaching:

Dan Sabga‏@attucus Oct.24

Religious Preacher: "Sin is like a bloody Tampon”


Lauren Waldvogel @LaurenWaldvogel    Oct 22

Old lady on campus screaming that marijuana is a chocolate covered tampon #what #no


Jordyn @JordynE_23  ·  Oct 22

The lady in the plaza talking about how everything in life like sex and drugs and everything else is like a bloody tampon

Tampon Lady at University of Nebraska


Sarah Ross @HowSarahTweets  ·  Oct 22

@JacksonMulgrew1 have you seen crazy tampon lady yet? She's pretty interesting


Madi Harp @madiriotgirl  ·  Oct 22

Watch out CSU the tampon lady is coming for you

Tampon Lady at UW-Milwaukee


Tiesha @NickiAddicted  ·  Aug 29

What I just walked pass on campus today. Bloody Tampon or Jesus Christ?


Krysta @rez_hit  ·  Sep 30

"Sin is like a chocolate covered bloody tampon" says the lady holding bloody tampons & pads in the middle of campus..


Corrin @corrinbemis  ·  Oct 14

"A bottle of beer is like the devil's chocolate covered dirty tampon"

- the lady preaching outside the union

Tampon Lady


Tristin Zastera @tjadeloudnclear  ·  Oct 14

Blue coat lady is on point today. "You can either choose a bloody tampon or the bloody cross of Jesus Christ"


Keeton Schick @Keeton7  ·  Oct 20

Fav quote that came from crazy tampon lady- "I use to be a sinner back in college but you could say that I'm a....hoe no moe!"


Bonnie Kurtenbach @shake_yo_bonbon  ·  Oct 14

Crazy lady at the union just yelled that porn is like a bloody tampon. 1. Gross 2. What?

 Tampon Lady Strikes Again

Alejandro B. Pujol @alexbarreiro01  ·  Oct 14

Crazy Tampon Lady coming to a campus near you


spooky keke @whereskayleigh  ·  Oct 14



Hayden Picker @HaydenPicker  ·  Oct 14

New crazy lady & her 2 friends asked me "do you choose the bloody tampon or the bloody Jesus?" The crazy people are stepping up their game.


Liliana Agrell @lilianaagrell  ·  Oct 10

Ok so the lady preaching on campus has tampon ornaments now!? Someone took arts and crafts a lil too seriously.


Sarah Sperry @strawSperry  ·  Oct 10

Someone needs to shove a chocolate covered bloody tampon right into that crazy lady's mouth in the free speech zone.


Tampon Lady at Colorado State UniversityJordan Smith @vanillaslice_  ·  Aug 18

Shoutout to the lady on the quad with the tampon stick telling us our sins. #isu


Ben Kribz @Bkribs55  ·  Oct 8

"Say no to the chocolate covered bloody tampon, say yes to Jesus Christ" -crazy lady on campus, shit had me rolling

Tyler Weger @tylerruby123  ·  Oct 8

"Sin's like a chocolate-covered tampon. Looks tempting at first,  but the deeper you get into it the more you realize its bad." -Crazy Lady

 Big Dick Nik @neeecole72  ·  Oct 6

I wanna go see the tampon lady lmao

 Bob Phillips @BobPhillips22  ·  Oct 8

I think the bloody tampon lady is on to something......Idk what everyone is talking about


Tyler Harken @tyharken  ·  Oct 8

Crazy tampon lady went to UNI. I miss her already!

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