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Kick in the Gut

“These preachers gave me a kick in the gut, which is what I needed.” 

Quote from a University of Missouri convert, Fall 2006 



IU Student Believes in Confrontational Style

Sent: 12/20/2008

Subj: Bless you and thanks for your time.

Hi. I was one of the Christian girls hovering around the Indiana State University fountain area during the couple of days you preached there. I think I made the observation that you seemed to break a whole lot of the guys that spent most of the previous day heckling you and harassing your fellow preachers. I have come to believe strongly that these kinds of "confrontational" messages are the best way to make a lasting impact. I go out soulwinning door-to-door with my church whenever I can and it seems that it is much easier to convert a family living in a run-down, crime ridden neighborhood than it is to preach to middle-class university students existing in the comfort of their pricey apartments/dorms, iPods, and fancy laptops that do can everything but the laundry.

I've been at State for a while but this is the first time I had ever seen street preaching.' I actually barely noticed it because that's the kind of pastoral approach that I'm the most used to. When I returned from class, the group had become much more agitated and angry. I decided to stop for a while and see what all the fuss was about,....well, I figured it was because someone decided to preach the BIBLE, which doesn't really happen too much around here with all the watered-down feel-good ministries for students.

One thing I will always remember about the first few minutes I watched was the horrible fear. I looked around and swore I saw my classmates turn into literally demons and creatures of Hell. I had never seen such anger and frightening reactions directed towards something that I have known, loved, and understood for such a long time. I started to realize that I stuck out like a sore thumb in the group with my long skirt (and attire that covered what should be covered in the first place.) I could feel some of the angry students direct their attention towards me. Actually, some students thought I was a part of the evangelists as well. Eventually, things got so tense that I figured it might be in the best interest of my personal safety to make a quick exit.

I ended up feeling awful that I didn't stick around just because I was afraid so the next day I made sure to stick around and I had a very good conversation with the lady evangelist.

Anyway, I hope you will make Indiana State a regular stop and maybe do some preaching a couple of times a year. I think there is a lot of potential here in spite of the ugliness that can (and will) rear its head. This past year there has been a strong but small group of like-minded fundamentalist young people that are growing in confidence. I'm also thinking about starting something, but God has not put me in any definite direction just yet.

Many times I feel quite suffocated here, as I told the female preacher. I am just not happy at all in a state college with all of its politically correct, idealization of personal apathy nonsense. I do not feel as comfortable or as safe as I used to after witnessing the intense hatred directed at good Christians who are really just looking out for everyone's well-being. College has been for me nothing but a dark abyss that has tried to sap everything from me that is right, good, and essentially, what holds my sanity together.

Anyway, I'll end here because I know you've probably got a lot to do. Be sure to come back and maybe I'll get the courage to join you guys on the platform and speak about the Word as well!!!!!




Pastor Earp Recommends Bro. Jed

Friends,                                                                                                                                                             Our congregation was blessed this past weekend by the ministry of Brother Jed Smock.  He was finishing up three weeks of preaching on university campuses in Florida, and was able to include us in his itinerary. On Sunday morning, he spoke powerfully on the necessity of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and in the evening service he gave more of his personal testimony. I was greatly encouraged by the messages and the messenger, and I know many others were too.

Though we had originally scheduled him for Sunday morning, as he was preaching I thought to myself, "Boy I wish he could stay and preach at least tonight as well."  He had intended on heading to Baton Rouge Sunday afternoon to preach at LSU the following day, and so I didn't know if he would even be willing to stay with us for the evening service. As we were praying in the altar service after his message, I felt his hands grasp my shoulders and he said he felt like he should stay and preach again that night, to which I wholeheartedly agreed. 

We had another good service Sunday night, with Jed giving more of his testimony and relating some of the kinds of things that happen to him when preaching to the college heathen of our nation.  Brother Jed has the unique ability to go from sounding like an old-time revival preacher to sounding like a college professor, all in the same sermon.  His dry sense of humor is delightful as well, but the thing I must say I appreciate most about Bro. Jed's ministry is his commitment to the conveyance of God's truth to the minds of his hearers. 

Our congregation was challenged to regain the all-consuming hunger for God that we once had. I highly recommend the ministry of Brother Jed Smock to any congregation or pastor interested in revival. 

Sincerely, Pastor John Earp, 1/30/07

Pine Grove Church of God Live Oak, FL


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