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Heathen Tod

 "Not There... yet" - Tod

Tue, 26 Feb 2002  

saw you over 20 years ago at BGSU and enjoyed the show..... 

now an old man working in Atlanta, and by coincidence got into a discussion with a coworker who was saved through your ministry... 

you'll be hearing from him as we just looked at your website. Nice to see you're still trucking.... 

enjoyed exchanging discussion on the Lord (though I'm still a heathen, definitely a whoremonger, and decidedly quite a drug addict.) 

Nonetheless, still wanted to send you kind wishes and a thank you for igniting memories of long ago through your work in the lord... 


Reply from Bro. Jed


Thank you for your letter. We won't give up hope for the conversion of your soul. The seed of Truth is still evidently in your heart so I will attempt to water it with some prayer to see if it might yet germinate. I would like to post your letter on our website if that is OK? 

Jed Smock




Matthew M.


"Heard you on NPR" - Matthew Nelson Mason

Fri, 17 May 2002  

Brother Jed, 

I was a college student at Tennessee Technological University. I Totally agree with your way of teaching and preaching. My first semester, I had a sociology class. Our teacher told us that we all have to be open minded to other ways of thinking, that it would make us better people, and make the world a better place, I guess. There were a wide variety of people in the class, Catholics, Jews, Homosexuals and a few Muslims. It seemed to me that everyone would get to have their time to share their viewpoints on all the different topics we discussed in the class, except when it would come to me, she wouldn't want to hear what I had to say, because she knew that I see things from a Christian viewpoint, and if I was to start, everyone would just get to arguing, and nothing would get accomplished. Also, she was backwards on every single subject, for example, Abortion was right, Sex outside of marriage was too, Drinking, partying.

I guess what I'm saying is, I really like what you are doing, and I know how college students can be, but I also know that people like you have made a huge difference in the past. I have a lot of other things to discuss with you, but I will save them for another time, thank you for your ministry. 

Matthew Nelson Mason


Reminded of John the Baptist


Tue, 11 Jan 2005  

Brother Jed, 

There are not words to begin to describe the respect I have for you and your ministry. I first noticed your preaching on the way to one of my morning classes. You reminded me of John the Baptist, who preached of repentance. Later that day I ate lunch, and the Lord placed it in my heart to go where you were to hear you preach. 

Automatically, I assumed it was that He wanted me to pray over you. What happened that next hour or so deeply impacted my life. It broke my heart to hear the students jeering and mocking your testimony, and that of your colleague. It scared me to my very bones how much mockery was in the audience. I know now that this taught me that in order to serve God it requires me to count the cost of serving Him, even if it means being in those situations. 

Praise God for your ministry! He has used you to instill questions into the minds of the student body, and although I still have deep conflicting Biblical interpretational issues with yours I will continue to pray that God will continue to support your ministry. 

In Christ, 



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