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Brother Jed, 


I first heard you at Winona State University, located in Winona, Minnesota. I think that this was back in the fall of 1983. I only watched from a distance. The school newspaper reported that the campus security had to request you to 'quiet down' because you were disturbing classes. They had you move over by the tennis courts.


A couple of years later, in about 1985, I talked to both you and Sister Cindy at the University of Minnesota, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sister Cindy had a child with her in the stroller. I didn't like being told that I was going to hell, but sometimes the truth does hurt. I bought your book 'Who Will Rise Up?'. You autographed the book for me as I talked to you. Actually, I believe that America could really use your message as a 'wake up' call. Spiritually, our nation has slid downhill since I first me you and your wife.


I should mention that my Christian friends thought that you were some sort of clown. And non-Christians in my classes were upset that you were calling their 'fun times' -- fornication, homosexuality, drunken sprees, etc. -- SIN. Well, the Bible commands us to 'speak the truth in love', which you were doing! I'm glad that God protected me and kept me from ever becoming involved in that SIN. Still, God sent you to help Christians, like myself, 'wake up' and see that there is more than just a religious church on Sundays.


May God bless you, Sister Cindy, and your family. Thanks for help me 'Rise Up'.



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