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Christian Apologizes

September 18, 1998 

Dear Brother Jed, 

My name will not be familiar to you, but if I were to stand in front of you, you would probably recognize my face from your 1983 and 1984 trips to Michigan State University. I remember you and Bro Cope from 1983 and your traveling companion from 1984. 

The reason I write is to apologize for the behavior I displayed during both of these trips. During 1983 I denounced Bro Cope in a self-righteous fit of indignation. You would remember my antics from the next year--I tried to provoke you and your friend by pretending to be a homosexual making a pass at each of you. I must compliment you on how well you handled the provocation. 

While I had (and still have) deep philosophical differences with you, what I did in the 1980's was wrong and unchristian because I was trying to force you to sin. Instead of trying to lift up Jesus Christ, I was more intent on humiliating you and your companions. I was wrong and I am truly sorry, and as a brother in Christ, I ask for your forgiveness. I also ask that you please convey this apology to Bro Cope and your partner from 1984. 

Yours in Christ, 

Anthony M.


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