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Salvation at EKU

 Thu, 19 Nov 1998 

Bro Jed, 

I have been fortunate enough to be present on many occasions when you have spoken at Eastern Kentucky University. I was converted by your preaching about four years ago. When I first heard your preaching I was a sophomore with a GPA of about (1.8). I drank to EXCESS!!! Frequently! (every other day). I was overweight, easily angered, and generally not a nice person. 

Today; I have a BS in chemistry, I'm married to a Godly woman who gave me a beautiful daughter ( the only child SO FAR), I am two semesters away from publishing my research and obtaining a M.S. in Chemistry, I am gainfully employed as a chemist and have great opportunity for advancement, and I am much less overweight. 

I have found that living for Christ not only provides eternal life at the resurrection, but also leads me to make good decisions that provide a peaceful life in this dispensation. I really never have had a chance to get to know you. I have read your books Who Will Rise Up? Grieve Not The Spirit, and Walking in the Spirit. 




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