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My Life Back


Brother Jed, 

I have seen you many times while walking to class here at the Ohio State University, and at first my sentiment was much like my fellow classmates. "Uh oh, here's another religious fanatic shoving propaganda down our throats", but after a while, I stopped and actually listened to your words. At times students would confront you verbally, with questions about homosexuality, or masturbation, and while the crowd cheered them on, you gave answers which usually shut them up. It was then, that I realized that you knew what you were talking about. 

Since then, I have quietly sat and watched you witness to the students. Because of you, I have stopped drinking beer, because I now realize that it made me want to sin. Too many times I have been at parties drinking, and have been tempted to take girls home with me, just to "fool around". Also, I have been going to class more, and staying away from the party scene all together. I started going to a local non - denominational church (Church of Christ) every Sunday morning. You should have seen the look on my now ex-girlfriend's face when I told her I didn't want to have sex anymore until I was married. Well, she promptly left me for a guy in a fraternity, and last I heard, she's an alcoholic now too. 

Thank you for my life back Jed, 

Craig Rader



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