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Phil Seeburg-Sis. Cindy's First Convert!

 Dear Jed and Cindy, 

I was both saddened and filled with joy when I found your "Eulogy for Max Lynch" on the Internet yesterday.convert You three were my first Christian teachers. I had often wondered what became of you and was so happy to learn that you are still doing God's work. I had been trying to find information on you for the past 2 years. I had even written to the U of Illinois campus newspaper asking about you, but never heard back. Then yesterday, I typed "Max Lynch" in my Yahoo search engine and there you were! I had forgotten how Max loved to tell his Jimmy Carter story ! 

I got to know you in August, 1979. I still have a calling card that I got from Cindy. On one side it's got her name and phone number near the U of Illinois campus. On the other side it says [something like] "If we meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing. If you meet Jesus and forget him, you have lost everything." Believe me when I say that I have not forgotten any of you. 

Cindy bought me a Bible that I still cherish. The following is the inscription: 

Dear Phil, I give you God's Word being confident of this very thing, that he who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. (Phillippians 1:6) For you are a NEW MAN and a NEW CREATURE, Continue to seek Jesus with all your heart. That's the most important thing. Read his word and Pray, Pray, Pray. 

He promises to make your joyful and to give you the abundant Life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Jesus said to deny yourself daily and pick up your cross and follow him. There will be trials and tribulations but Jesus will always be there to help you weather the storm. He loves you very very much. He loved you so much that he drew you to him and opened your heart to receive him. 

You are very special to my heart because God used me as one of the ways to draw you to him. God always gives me a special love for the few he allows me to lead to Jesus. 

I Love You,


Phillippians 1:2-4 

You taught me the three step process to salvation: 

1.Salvation - Acts 2:37,38
2.Repent - Luke 13:3
3.Born Again - John 3:5-8

My original testimony follows: 




The Lord said to me recently, "Publicize yourself, and let people know that you are a Christian" So I am writing this paper to let people know who the Lord Jesus Christ used to convert me from the road of sin that is headed toward hell and certain damnation, to the narrow path of deliverance in the belief in Christ. 

As a child, years ago, I was taught in the beliefs of Judaism. I was told that the Jews don’t believe in Jesus being the Messiah, but never was told why. I developed a curiosity about Christianity. I felt that since more than ½ of the country’s population was what I considered Christian, I should find out what it was that turned them to Jesus in the first place. 

Being from a Jewish home, I didn’t have access to a New Testament, so my curiosity about Christianity diminished, and I forgot about it until the fall of 1978, when I came down to this campus [University of Illinois Urbana Champaign] from Chicago as a freshman. By chance I happened to hear brothers Max Lynch and Jed Smock preaching in the Quad. 

I listened to them preaching, and to the crowd that was constantly heckling them, and found much amusement in the remarks that the crowd shouted at them. Although I didn’t believe in what they were saying, I stayed out there listening because it kept me from spending the time playing pinball in the Illini Union. 

On Ash Wednesday, 1979, I received a Bible from the Gideon people, who were passing them out on every street corner. After a while I started believing in some of the things that Max and Jed were saying out on the Quad, and if I had a question I could ask them for an answer or I would look for an answer in the Bible. 

If I couldn’t find the answer that I wanted, I would ask one of my friends, Bob. I discovered that Bob was a Christian last semester, when I walked into his room while he was in the middle of a Bible study with some other believers. After that day, he was willing to help me in my struggle for the truth. He suggested that I read the book of John, and I did getting some powerful meanings out of it. 

Summer came, however, and I succumbed to more sin, drunkenness, lust, and drugs. Coming down to school again in August, I discovered that my roommate Jeff was a ‘born again’ person. The presence of the Holy Ghost on his side of the room seemed to rub off on me, as I decided to give up drinking and drugs. My trips through the Quad started again, and I became acquainted with sister Cindy Lassiter. I started becoming more receptive to the Word of God, and began to ask questions of her. She began to connect the two Testaments of the Bible together, by showing me where everything about Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament. 

I was still unsure about the validity of Christianity, so I began to pray to God to tell me what was the true path. I reached the point where I thought that I believed, but wasn’t ready to make a commitment for Christ. In a further attempt to find the truth, I went to a Bible study on August 28, led by Jed Smock. Near the end of the Bible study Jed started to pray for our souls, and when we joined him in prayer I had a weird experience. I became tense, and felt as though electricity was flowing through my body, not letting me move my joints. I knew that something was going on in my body, but I wasn’t sure what it was. 

Later that night I decided that I should be born again. I was unsure about how to go about it, so the next day I talked to Cindy on the Quad, and decided to go through with it. So at 8:30pm that night I sat down in the middle of the Quad and prayed for forgiveness, and asked the Lord Jesus to come inside me, to guide my ways, and to keep me from straying. Immediately after I got up, a feeling of complete contentment and peace came over me. Later that night I was going to smoke a cigarette, because I knew of nothing in the Bible against smoking. 

But I heard a voice in my head that said, "Would you rather save some money, than keep the body that I have given you from being destroyed?" This was connected to the fact that I had not wanted to throw away the cigarettes because I thought that that would be a waste of the money that I paid for them. I found out that if I wanted Jesus to come inside me, that He didn’t want to live in a smoke filled room. Needless to say, I threw away my cigarettes that night, and haven’t had one since. 

The next night, I was baptized with water in a swimming pool, and today as I write this, I am a new man. I can’t think of an ending for this paper, for it is not over yet. I am still learning and growing spiritually. Actually, I have updated this paper a few times over the past 20+ years. If you are interested, I can fill you in on the gap. 

I wish you continued good luck in your ministry, and I pray for you every night ! 

Philip Seeberg


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