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Challenged to Search the Scriptures

Thu, 18 May 2006  

My Dear Brother Jed, 

I want to sincerely THANK YOU ! for all you and your entire family have done for me. In not only being faithful servants in the Campus ministry over the many years. But how your ministry has effected me personally. 

My name is Timothy Stephens, I would like to share briefly with you how your ministry has made a wonderful difference in my life. I am now a street preacher and have been since approx. 1991. 

However back around 1990 or so... I was living near ASU. One day I heard you preaching on the college campus while your family was seated nearby on a blanket. I noticed they were all modestly dressed. A strange sight (I thought then) I admit I did not understand your ministry at all then Bro Jed. 

I was the typical "Christian" (a make believer really) believing you were doing it all wrong! Not preaching the love, grace or mercy (like everyone else). I believed you must had been paid by the catholic church to travel the country side making Christians everywhere look bad, I so wrongfully thought! 

However I did sincerely pray that day, (silently) asking the Lord Jesus Christ to show me if I was the one who was all wrong. (I was) WOW! Was I surprised at the answers. One of my room mates at the time was a local street preacher named 'Mark John' who I also thought was out to lunch, so to speak. He reported that he had met with you at some point during your stay in Tempe and that you corrected him on many scriptural points and he came home asking 'us' (the other make believe Christian roommates and I) to pray against your ministry! 

I already knew bro Mark John was wrong on the same issues and he had not read his bible through even once! Then God began to show me through a series of events and people as well as circumstances that most of what I believed was not even in the bible at all! I began to study my bible and truly seek the God of the bible! And Trust Jesus! Then I met bible Jim, Bro Ruben at the super bowl one year and became a true bible believer. 

I am certain that you brother Jed were the first street preacher who truly made a difference in my life, through your ministry, by sharing the truth, openly in public, as harsh as it was to hear. I will always be grateful for what God has done for me through your awesome ministry my dear Smock family. 

May God richly bless you and withhold no good thing from you and your entire family Sir, is my prayer Amen, Amen and Amen So it shall be. 


Bro Timothy

PS- Once again thank you so much for encouraging me to search the scriptures for myself, and to do what it says. (I'm still working on that) Now I might add, I am now often accused on the streets of 'doing it all wrong! Not preaching the love grace and mercy messages, which are so needed today they say.


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