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Pervert Delivered!


Sent: 11/28/2008 

Subj: Hello Dear Preacher 

Hello Dear Brother Jed, 

First let me say I praise God for you dear preacher and for the work you do to bring the gospel of Christ to our lost and unrepentant college campuses across America all these many years. It is a wonderful blessing to run across your website all these years later and see you are still steadfast in your work and I am praising God for it 

I wanted to send this letter of apology and ask for your humble forgiveness for my actions some 30 years ago. You may not remember me and I must confess that I was unsure if you were the same preacher I was thinking of when I came across your website, but the more I looked at the photos my memory started coming back to that day in 1979 at the campus of Berea College in Berea, Ky. 

Although I had grown up in the Southern Baptist tradition,(and that's all most churches are, TRADITION!), I was as lost and unregenerate as I could be that day and for the next couple of decades from the day you came there. You see brother Jed, that time was the beginning of a life of filth and perversion, alcoholism, idolatry and all forms of covetousness, and it would take some doing by the Lord to bring me out of all of that damnation, but I'm praising God for His grace to bring me through. 

When you came to our campus those many years ago, I remember a homosexual friend of mine ( I was in the beginning stages of experimenting with this filth), who stepped through the crowd that was gathering around you and he started screaming at you about how he thought God had "made" him that way and that God would send YOU to the flames of hell for saying anything against him or anybody that was one of God's creatures,......... or some such nonsense as that. I am repulsed and sickened at myself, but I must confess that I was screaming and shouting right along with him. 

I don't remember exactly, but I think the police came and helped you to escape and get away from all of us wild animals before people got violent because we were all pushing around closer and closer and backing you back to the street. I am so appalled and ashamed of my actions and even now remembering how I went back to my friend and patted him on the back and congratulated for speaking up for himself. What shame there would be on judgment day for me, if our precious Lord had not called me to repent for such vile actions, then and even many years later. 

I am repenting to you now as well, how can I ever find words to ask your forgiveness dear preacher of God. I know you have received many curses from these students over the years, but of course you know that they do not have eyes to see or ears to hear until or unless God gives understanding. And How can they hear? Unless God sends a wonderful preacher such as yourself. Praise God!! 

Brother Jed,........I was not able to hear or understand those many years ago, but I am praising God for you even though I feel so much shame for what I did, because now I see how far I've come and it is so clear to me the wonderful work Christ Jesus has done in my life. I'm not perfect, but He has taken away all desire to drink, smoke or live the disgusting life I once lived. I want to send this little note as a word of encouragement to you and to let you know that our God is still in control and that He still calls some of the most vilest sinners to repentance. 

Once again I want to say I thank you and praise God for you dear sir and will pray for you always, and always remember your selfless giving of yourself when you go to preach to the lost. 

God Bless You! 

Your sister, Mary


PS. I few years ago I discovered that guy was still living at his parents house a couple of hours from me in North Carolina. He even had the same telephone number and I called him to see how he was and to tell him that I thought homosexuality was a sin. At that time I was not even half as strong and clear in my faith as I am now, but I told him flat out that I did not want that sin in my life anymore. He just said that he was going to a Quaker church and they acccept homosexuality and that most of the people in his church were gay.


I did not know any more to say so I just politely found a way to hang up. He had invited me to come up and see him, cause I had gone there back when we were in college, but basically we had lost touch over the years and now I am convinced that the Bible says we are not to fellowship with unbelievers.


Please pray that I would grow bolder in telling others about my faith. I pray that God would give me the boldness that you showed to us crazy kids all those years ago and that I would have the strength to withstand the fiery darts of Satan. I know I must be a doer of the Word and not just a hearer, so please pray that I may grow stronger in the Lord.



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