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Aaron, Youth Pastor: Greatest Week of My Life!

The University of Iowa, October 16-19, 2007

 Martha and Priscilla  were talking to a youth pastor named Aaron (lip ring and all), who each day spent most of the afternoon listening.  Initially, he was dubious about our approach, but by now he was coming around to our way of thinking.  On Friday, Aaron told us that it was the most exciting week of his life.  He was concerned that things would be dull without us.   I did tell Aaron he needed to get rid of the lip ring; he did not argue against my reasoning.

Aaron sent Cindy the following email:  “I just want to thank you and your family, and sister Pat, too, for coming to UI and preaching the Word.  I really enjoyed talking to you, Jed and the rest.  You have a wonderful family...

I don't think you ever really see the result and the magnitude of the impact you have on people’s lives...you're planting seeds in people’s lives and many of the ones who mock and scoff you are being affected and convicted inside.  So I say God bless you all I pray that your ministry produces fruit…



I Needed to Hear it!

You don’t remember me, but I heard you preach in December 1981 at the University of Florida and I heard the gospel for the first time.  I want to thank you for being faithful to give me the gospel straight 25 years ago when I really needed to hear it.”  Phone call to Bro. Jed in 2006.


Campuses Owe Bro. Jed-Pastor Sacra

 Pastor Ernie Sacra of the Faith Covenant Church in Lexington, Kentucky:                                            

These campuses owe Brother Jed money.  He has taught history, ethics, philosophy, sociology, theology and apologetics.  He has a doctorate for the Lord, an earned doctorate, unlike a lot of these guys.  The colleges have stolen from him.  He has been doing the work the professors should have been doing; he has corrected their teachings.  The parents of these young people on campus should wash his feet.  He has been a marvelous asset to this country.


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