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Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

“Why does a good God allow bad things to happen?” 

For God to stop bad things from occurring, he would ultimately have to take away men’s freedom to choose right from wrong.  If he took away our freedom to do evil, of necessity, we would lose our ability to be virtuous.   There must be freedom of choice for there to be good and evil. God highly values our freedom to choose because it is the essence of humanity being stamped with the image of God.  Without free will, men become mere machines or sink to the level of the animal kingdom.  God values freedom over peace and tranquility. 

God intended men to be self-governing; it is the responsibility of civil authority to punish evildoers (Romans 13:4), which when properly executed would keep the bad under control.  When governments are not fulfilling their responsibility to enforce God’s law, there may come a time when God may intervene with severe calamitous judgments.  Thankfully, God is long-suffering with our rebellious race. 

God has shown men how they are to live through the Bible and especially in the life of Jesus Christ.  If men would conform to the standard of loving God supremely and their neighbor equally, then bad things would cease happening one earth.  Men often expect God to do what they are unwilling to do.  How often do we as men close our eyes and cover our ears when we see and hear evil?  As men, we are responsible to intervene and stop evil when possible.  Of course, there are times when it may not be wise to intervene against evil.  For instance, as parents sometimes we recognize that our children are engaged in self-destructive or socially destructive behavior.  We advise, but they do not heed our counsel.  Sometimes we can only hope that they will learn the lessons of life the hard way.  Sadly, often they do not learn but continue in their damaging and even damnable behavior.  The grief we experience as parents of rebellious sin loving children, God also experiences at an even more intense level.    

God’s power to stop evil is limited by men’s free-will.   God attempts to influence and persuade us to live as our consciences know we ought. God’s will is often not done in the affairs of men, like it is in the physical world and in the animal kingdom.  It is up to us to promote the good and oppose the evil; if men would live responsibly and treat others as they want to be treated, evil would be banished from the earth.  Hence men are to be blamed for the existence of evil, not God.  God has done all he can wisely do to prevent the bad from happening.



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