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We are about to embark on the Era of Trump, where profit is no longer a dirty word,
Where America will be rebuilt bigger and better than ever,
A time when big businesses flourish and governments diminish, 

Where the business of America becomes business again,
Where the focus is on success not failure,
Where the individual enjoys the fruit of his own labor instead of it being forcibly redistributed by the state,
Where homeless are once again considered vagrants and bums, 

A country of freemen, not serfs of the state,
Let's have a new Guided Age, where each of us can dream of having a penthouse like the Trumps and a retreat like Mir-a-Largo.

In the midst of all of this may the Church of Jesus Christ flourish and triumph, 
Where we once again build grand Cathedrals, which are the most imposing, yet welcoming, structure in our grand cities. 

Where Christians are not waiting to be raptured out of this world but are working to build God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Where the churches are full on Sunday and the sports arenas are closed.
Where Truth and free thinking prevails, and political correctness is but a bad memory.
Where the emphasis is not upon the Great Society but upon strong families,
Where families both pray together and stay together.

May there be a revival of Christendom!

Think big folks our new president does. Much of this we have experience right here in America in our glory days. Some of it I can even remember from my youth.

Let it start in just five more days!

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All Trumped Up, Our Lionhearted President

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