Bible Cross References
in times past
1 Samuel 16:21
David came to Saul and entered his service. Saul liked him very much and chose him as the man to carry his weapons.
1 Samuel 18:2
Saul kept David with him from that day on and did not let him go back home.
1 Samuel 18:10
The next day an evil spirit from God suddenly took control of Saul, and he raved in his house like a madman. David was playing the harp, as he did every day, and Saul was holding a spear.
1 Samuel 18:13
So Saul sent him away and put him in command of a thousand men. David led his men in battle
Genesis 31:2
He also saw that Laban was no longer as friendly as he had been earlier.
Exodus 4:10
But Moses said, "No, LORD, don't send me. I have never been a good speaker, and I haven't become one since you began to speak to me. I am a poor speaker, slow and hesitant."
1 Chronicles 11:2
In the past, even when Saul was still our king, you led the people of Israel in battle, and the LORD your God promised you that you would lead his people and be their ruler."
Isaiah 30:33
Long ago a place was prepared where a huge fire will burn the emperor of Assyria. It is deep and wide, and piled high with wood. The LORD will breathe out a stream of flame to set it on fire.