Bible Cross References
Luke 13:4
What about those eighteen people in Siloam who were killed when the tower fell on them? Do you suppose this proves that they were worse than all the other people living in Jerusalem?
Job 22:5-16
No, it's because you have sinned so much; it's because of all the evil you do.
To make a brother repay you the money he owed, you took away his clothes and left him nothing to wear.
You refused water to those who were tired, and refused to feed those who were hungry.
You used your power and your position to take over the whole land.
You not only refused to help widows, but you also robbed and mistreated orphans.
So now there are pitfalls all around you, and suddenly you are full of fear.
It has grown so dark that you cannot see, and a flood overwhelms you.
Doesn't God live in the highest heavens and look down on the stars, even though they are high?
And yet you ask, "What does God know? He is hidden by clouds---how can he judge us?"
You think the thick clouds keep him from seeing, as he walks on the dome of the sky.
Are you determined to walk in the paths that evil people have always followed?
Even before their time had come, they were washed away by a flood.
John 9:2
His disciples asked him, "Teacher, whose sin caused him to be born blind? Was it his own or his parents' sin?"
Acts 28:4
The natives saw the snake hanging on Paul's hand and said to one another, "This man must be a murderer, but Fate will not let him live, even though he escaped from the sea."