Bible Cross References
Matthew 14:22
Then Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead to the other side of the lake, while he sent the people away.
Matthew 15:39
Then Jesus sent the people away, got into a boat, and went to the territory of Magadan.
Mark 6:45
At once Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go ahead of him to Bethsaida, on the other side of the lake, while he sent the crowd away.
Mark 8:9
(SEE 8:8)
and went
Matthew 13:1
That same day Jesus left the house and went to the lakeside, where he sat down to teach.
Matthew 9:28
When Jesus had gone indoors, the two blind men came to him, and he asked them, "Do you believe that I can heal you?" "Yes, sir!" they answered.
Mark 4:34
He would not speak to them without using parables, but when he was alone with his disciples, he would explain everything to them.
Matthew 13:11
Jesus answered, "The knowledge about the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them.
Matthew 15:15
Peter spoke up, "Explain this saying to us."
Matthew 15:16
Jesus said to them, "You are still no more intelligent than the others.
Mark 7:17
When he left the crowd and went into the house, his disciples asked him to explain this saying.
John 16:17-20
Some of his disciples asked among themselves, "What does this mean? He tells us that in a little while we will not see him, and then a little while later we will see him; and he also says, 'It is because I am going to the Father.'
What does this 'a little while' mean? We don't know what he is talking about!"
Jesus knew that they wanted to question him, so he said to them, "I said, 'In a little while you will not see me, and then a little while later you will see me.' Is this what you are asking about among yourselves?
I am telling you the truth: you will cry and weep, but the world will be glad; you will be sad, but your sadness will turn into gladness.