Bible Cross References
Genesis 30:19
Leah became pregnant again and bore Jacob a sixth son.
Genesis 30:20
She said, "God has given me a fine gift. Now my husband will accept me, because I have borne him six sons"; so she named him Zebulun.
Joshua 19:10-16
The third assignment made was for the families of the tribe of Zebulun. The land which they received reached as far as Sarid.
From there the border went west to Mareal, touching Dabbesheth and the stream east of Jokneam.
On the other side of Sarid it went east to the border of Chisloth Tabor, then to Daberath and up to Japhia.
It continued east from there to Gath Hepher and Ethkazin, turning in the direction of Neah on the way to Rimmon.
On the north the border turned toward Hannathon, ending at Iphtahel Valley.
It included Kattath, Nahalal, Shimron, Idalah, and Bethlehem: twelve cities, along with the towns around them.
These cities and their towns were in the land which the families of the tribe of Zebulun received as their possession.