Bible Cross References
2 Chronicles 35:25
The prophet Jeremiah composed a lament for King Josiah. It has become a custom in Israel for the singers, both men and women, to use this song when they mourn for him. The song is found in the collection of laments.
Job 3:8
Tell the sorcerers to curse that day, those who know how to control Leviathan.
Ecclesiastes 12:5
You will be afraid of high places, and walking will be dangerous. Your hair will turn white; you will hardly be able to drag yourself along, and all desire will be gone. We are going to our final resting place, and then there will be mourning in the streets.
Amos 5:16
And so the Sovereign LORD Almighty says, "There will be wailing and cries of sorrow in the city streets. Even farmers will be called to mourn the dead along with those who are paid to mourn.
Amos 5:17
There will be wailing in all the vineyards. All this will take place because I am coming to punish you." The LORD has spoken.
Matthew 9:23
Then Jesus went into the official's house. When he saw the musicians for the funeral and the people all stirred up,
Mark 5:38
They arrived at Jairus' house, where Jesus saw the confusion and heard all the loud crying and wailing.