Bible Cross References
the wild
Jeremiah 2:24
rushing into the desert. When she is in heat, who can control her? No male that wants her has to trouble himself; she is always available in mating season.
Job 39:5
Who gave the wild donkeys their freedom? Who turned them loose and let them roam?
Job 39:6
I gave them the desert to be their home, and let them live on the salt plains.
1 Samuel 14:29
Jonathan answered, "What a terrible thing my father has done to our people! See how much better I feel because I ate some honey!
Lamentations 4:17
For help that never came, we looked until we could look no longer. We kept waiting for help from a nation that had none to give.
Lamentations 5:17
We are sick at our very hearts and can hardly see through our tears,
Joel 1:18
The cattle are bellowing in distress because there is no pasture for them; the flocks of sheep also suffer.