Bible Cross References
but it
Isaiah 7:21
"When that time comes, even if a farmer has been able to save only one young cow and two goats,
Isaiah 7:22
they will give so much milk that he will have all he needs. Yes, the few survivors left in the land will have milk and honey to eat.
Isaiah 13:20-22
No one will ever live there again. No wandering Arab will ever pitch a tent there, and no shepherd will ever pasture a flock there.
It will be a place where desert animals live and where owls build their nests. Ostriches will live there, and wild goats will prance through the ruins.
The towers and palaces will echo with the cries of hyenas and jackals. Babylon's time has come! Her days are almost over."
Isaiah 17:2
The cities of Syria will be deserted forever. They will be a pasture for sheep and cattle, and no one will drive them away.
Zephaniah 2:6
Your land by the sea will become open fields with shepherd's huts and sheep pens.